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1. Fast Typer 22. Word Mountain3. Snow Typer4. Type Fast5. Typing Arcaniod6. Fast Typer Game7. Albarns Attack8. Key Racer9. War of the Words10. Farm Defender11. Magic Spells12. Quicktype13. TypeDown14. Excuses Excuses15. Letter Cruncher16. Fast Typer 317. Typeroids18. Horse Racing Typing19. Typing Bean20. Fruit Swordman Typing21. Lightning Typing22. Alpha Drop23. Football Typing for Euro 201224. Type Race25. Rocket Typing26. Keyboard Drag27. Typing Speed Biz28. Word Reaper Concept29. Mon Keyboard30. Toodle31. Typing Hero32. Snail Invasion Extended33. Bitter Boss34. Typo Trooper35. Key Krusher36. Type Hero37. 30 Sec Alphabet38. Speed Typer39. Spelling Drill40. Typing Defense41. Type Timer42. Type Tester43. ABC Jumpers44. Typer Plane45. Typo Mania46. B Word Challenge47. Dooma48. Typing of the Ghosts49. DinoKids Trash Typer50. Word Frenzy51. Gyroshi52. Lion Typing53. Typing Tone54. Letters Hunter55. Type and groove56. Type and relax57. Launch Code58. Word Grid59. Typix60. Hardest Typing61. Cupid Typing62. Fireball Typer63. Cup Stacking64. Titok Jastin Beibeh65. Coin Typing66. Piano Typing67. Music68. Balloon Master69. Music Typing70. Alphabet Attack71. Typing Asteroids72. Words Trap73. Hot Balloon Typing74. Touch Typing75. Balloon Fun76. Keyboard Defender77. Sunrise Typer78. Typing Jim79. Type Rocket80. Bubbles Typing Game81. The Essay82. Fruits Typing83. Valentines Typing84. Letter85. Super Key Fireworks86. Typing Defenses87. Rocket Type Deluxe88. Learn the Alphabet89. Green Typist90. GojiRama91. Typing Speed Test92. TypeMaster93. Typing Speed94. Letters95. Typo96. Assault Typing97. Assault Typing Powered98. Key Master 299. Key Master 3100. Extreme Spelling101. Die By The Word102. Tarantuloid Typing Terror103. Word Invaders104. The Key Master105. Word War I106. B Speed Typer107. The Wizards Notebook108. Clockwords Act109. Space Trace110. Keymory111. Jumble Laya112. Must Pop Words113. Word Work114. The Hanged Man115. Keyboard Warrior Christmas Puzzle Edition116. Daft Punk Keymixer117. Bubblingo118. Word Wheel119. Sports Crossword120. Solo Words121. Isogram Puzzle122. Alphabet Scramble123. Letter Scramble124. Typhoo125. Word Buster126. Word Jack127. Word Machine128. Word Magnate129. Words Game130. Brain Racer Integers131. Battle Math132. Rapid Math133. Rhythmix Calculix134. Number Cruncher135. Arithmetic Trainer136. Practice Your Math Kid137. Quick Math138. Simple Math Magic139. Simple Division Math Game140. Bomb Squad141. Typing Monster

RapidTyping reviews

very fantastic this application is developed is such a way that anyone can upgrade their typing skills all the credit goes to the developing team who execute this rapid typing ......
Its a legendary application specially for people who are slow in typing. Here we have a competition by the help of "last 10 results" and "champions of the month". I love this app.
Rudransh Lather
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