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User reviews of RapidTyping

I really love this website because it helps me improve my skills!!! thank rapid typing
I love the software! Need more Dvorak!
I can't find the language button to change the lesson language (not the interface language, I need to change the lesson itself.)
its a great software it helps me lot now i can type 38 words in a minute
thanks alot rapid typing games are the best!!!
you need it for your job that involves typing you can never type to fast katie
well,ever since i used rapid typing tutor i have got hired at a successful front desk person at the st. johns hospital and i love it i hope that schools world wide start to use the rapid typing tutor for fun and for education that is all i have to say thank you very very much for creating such a wonderful program i know im not the only adult who uses the rapid typing tutor program and i will never be the only adult i know i wont because when my kids are old enough to talk and to walk i will get them started on the rapid typer tutor on this very website that will be their only priority thank you so much have a nice day
xtreme typist
good typing software
i'd love to play rapid typing
clarista diva aurellia
This is very helpful! I can't help but notice that these games make you feel light-headed after playing for, like, ten minutes or so. I have to admit, it is kind of nice to be working that hard!
Christa Wynne
Christa Wynne
i love this place and i am in 6th grade but there's one thing id like to see a justin bieber or one direction typing game where like you type but while you are playing the game there music is playing!! anyways please tell me what you think i have a great idea of the game and what u do.. please contact me at my email
kija kahre
typing speed important much.so develped type speed. I am like game.
thanks to rapid typing,, in just three days I can typing without look at key board. but WPM still around 20 ... just need to speed up
from now, my own, my wife and my children can learn together how to type the correct way, and maximize the use of the keyboard.
before, I only use two fingers to type on the keyboard, really is not very efficient .. :D
we are still trying to smooth the way of typing, but the progress that we can have a lot compared to before we used the software RapidTyping.
Thank you very much RapidTyping.
may you always be healthy and happy.
Thanks !!
I like your freeware Rapid typing software ....
Re-thanks to providing this type of software.
vikas kumar
I love this site because it helps very much with my learning to become a court reporter and typing on my stenography machine faster.Its fun and interactive and i am glad i stumbled upon your website.Thanks very much for creating such an amazing learning tool.
Raechel West
The type game improving type fasted.
your website was really superb to improve the type writing skills. and thanks for your website launching.
I really enjoy playing your typing games. I have improved my typing skills very much so. I am now able to type without looking.
I like this Website ..!!
#Go Rapid Typing
This make me remember about studying typing with fun
Prasasti Yudhanti
Hello.... Thanks Rapid typing Tutor... Its the best way of computer typing.... thanks alot....
Mukes Dev
I have just downloaded it free and started using this. I have found it an excellent aid to learn typing. Thank you very much.
this is one of the best tutor
my typing speed grows very fast in it
it help a lot
thanks rapid typing tutor
My name is ramzan idrishi. qualification intermediate. Hindi typing speed 70 words per minute English typing speed 50 words per minute. . . .
Ramzan Idrishi
Thank for this App, make me enjoy for typing my task..
i learn to faster than old with this App.
RapidTyping TOP.
10 fingers will be good :D
Wahyu Trustskins
Thanks for the free rapid typing tutor!!
Michael Henchard
I love this rapid typing tutor. Thanks a lot!!
Suzuka Minamoto
I have ever used. Thanks a lot!!
Mitzi Nohara
Very nice! thanks alot, it's a very useful program and it seems you're playing instead of studying. Good Job!!
I like this free rapid typing tutor!!
Touch Typing is a very good experience. Enjoy!!
Pandu Ranga
Sir your free rapid typing software truly helped me to increase my typing speed!!
Sanjay Singh Chauhan
Rapid Typing makes my typing skill increased, so I can typing so fast....
Ishack Kiswara
Touch Typing is very easy if you do regularly.
We can improve our typing skills by playing typing games here on this website.
It was big hurdle for me to type fluently but when I got used to the typing games provided here I can type at an average speed of 55-60wpm. So I want to give big thanks to this rapid typing website and to the FREE rapid typing tutor they have provided..... Thanks!
Hi, I'm typing in hindi. I want to know that when I press j k l m then I find in hindi Ra, Ka, Ta or Cha. Can anyone tell me in which font I'm typing...
I like typing. It's like game for me....
I want you to enjoy this game using Rapid Typing FREE software!!!!!
i can type now at a speed of about 24-26 wpm would like to increase it to 50
My wife is an expert typist and she tried the program. Her WPM was 58. When she tried another program, as well as an online test, her score was 98 and 102 WPM, respectively.
Could the WPM counter be wrong? Thank you.
Bob Trenton
it's good it helps us to learn typing
hello im ana 12 years old i like rapid typing very much.
- What about letter 'ç' (c with cedilla) in 'Canadian French' layout?
I can't type it! Fix it, please!
Thank you!
Can you make 'No wallpapers' mode with choice of background color?
John Doe

RapidTyping reviews

5 stars for you
Really Good
Floretha Tore
I think This is the best typing software in the world!!!
Best typing software . It helped me to improve my typing speed . Loved it and one the scale of 10 I give it 10/10.
this a best app which improve and show my typing intelligence. very very thanks
i think it is helpful app
It is very good app. I like this app
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