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User reviews of RapidTyping

Best app for Typing.
Jashanpreet Singh
that's really interesting
attack on titan
I was a slow (very very slow) typer, but now i typed this text in almost 15 seconds!!
Mehrad G. Aarabi
Thank you very much for your good program😘😍
ya mahdi
Omg this is so cool!! It helped me a lot.
I like this app because its always make me happy by its features of typing. love this app. Thanks Rapid
Omvir jakhar
I Like this app ❤
Beautiful software.
nice app! i really like it is so usefull :)
I don't know how to write fast typing in laptop and computer but rapid typing give training of typing in laptop and computer
Saransh Shekhar
Very helpful software. Before I didn't know how to type using all fingers. Then I got to know about the typing tutor. Not so fast, but I can type faster than before. This is a free software. We can also create multiple users. It helped me a lot. Thank you for creating this software.
I love this software because it teaches me to type faster.
Hoang Hiep
Very effective typing learning program with well organized and free of cost...
anurag lokhande
Very nice app now i can write upto 100 wpm and when i was not using this my speed was like 20 wpm. Highly recommended. You can make your speed upto 150 wpm if you practise daily i was giving my 1 hour in this and you can see the results
Naman Capture
Its really helped me to quik typing. 5 years ago I remember first time how used this program and still i use this app. I recommend RAPIDTYPING for everyone.Just use this app , train 20 mins at least and you won't feel how you started to type so fast!!!
This program has been very satisfied for my studies.
Ronald David Silva
This is the very interesting software.
Dinesh Shinde
this is such a nice application to practice our typing skills. highly recommended.
Viduth Mendis
this program is very useful for me...
sourav nayak
this mainly starts out with letters but the thing you mainly need to practice is typing words, sure you need to find out how to find all your letters, but you start off hard but take your time. Get used to the letters and you words.
I rate this website a 2/5
some body



A very good app for increasing typing speed and accuracy.
Orphan Obliterator
Its very useful for me, it has speed up my typing skills.
And its true that I am Kim Taheyung aka BTS V.
Thanks Rapid Typing Tutor .
Kim Taheyung BTS V
it is the best it makes my work more easeier
sahar naved
if it will provide regional language option for typing than it will become best typing tool of world
chamkaur singh
This is very nice software for typing
sukhjit singh
I have using this software for the last ten years to teach the typing a lot of children or students, I found this is the excellent software I found on the net. this software is made for windows only. Wish that they also make it for linux OS too.
Muhammad Ali
This program has been very useful for me.
Elso Gonzalez
it is such a nice app. now i write faster than my older sister it is the best
mariyam naved
This is a very nice touch typing software. It is also a good freeware.
It was taught in my school. I learned that time and now it is very helpful.
Saubhagya Dev
This is such an incredible app. It works like a charm.
Bongephiwe Shazi
very nice app very good!!! use always very important to my dairly It basically life support
Juan Pablo
nice app! i really like it is so usefull :)
r. banana
this is my best app ever
sanvi dash
it is very cute application is my very best app
Bittu Rai
it is a very nice app for those who wants to learn typing at home ,infact this app serves a very good environment for the beginners and take them to pro extreme levels.
bhrat sharma
very god app/its act like as smart teacher
Aaryan Chohan
very very god app i like this app most
Aaryan Chohan
rapid typing is a good and Fun typing website. You can use rapid typing to train your typing skill . Be have fun!
To improve my typings skills using laptop.
It's a very good app!!!
Aimee Rodrigo
very good app to learn typing fast
Shaleema Deshani Jayasinghe
it so good,
I love too much
zainab yameen jaffer rabia
rapid typing is the best
prince kumar
Really amazing app thanks for making my writing speed so fast and let me learn all the alphabets just with the help of guide keys...Thank you very much
Prachi Kaushik
awesome app for increasing typing speed
Akash Devdas
the app is very good i like it
arif en
One of the Best app to learn typing!
Sandeep Rajoriya
Great app for touch typing practice! reached 40 wpm within 2 weeks from 18 wpm! thanks to rapidTying
all is fantastic
good app for teaching fast type writing.

RapidTyping reviews

very fantastic this application is developed is such a way that anyone can upgrade their typing skills all the credit goes to the developing team who execute this rapid typing ......
Its a legendary application specially for people who are slow in typing. Here we have a competition by the help of "last 10 results" and "champions of the month". I love this app.
Rudransh Lather
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