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Using in the classroom


  • RapidTyping is only installed on the teacher's computer.
  • The teacher's computer can be a server or workstation.
  • Students run an executable file from a network drive over the local network Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  • The teacher creates student accounts.
  • Student accounts are stored on the teacher's computer.
  • The teacher can monitor the process of learning/testing of students on his/her computer.

1. Installation

Portable version

Unpack the downloaded file RapidTyping_Portable_5.x.zip into any network folder where your students can have access to it over the local network.

Setup version

On the Choose Install Location screen, you need to check the Multi-user installation and choose any network folder where your students can have access to it over the local network.

«Choose install location» dialog box

2. Creating user accounts in RapidTyping

After installing the program, you need to create student accounts.

There are two ways to create student accounts:


An account with administrator privileges is created automatically when you run RapidTyping for the first time. The difference between a student account and a teacher account is described in the section Student statistics.

3. The final step

After you've created accounts for your students, you can:

  • Create a shortcut to run the program on the student's computers (shortcut to RapidTyping.exe, in the folder where you installed the program).
  • Inform the users of their passwords.

When a student clicks an icon, a window Login - Rapidtyping appears.

«Login» dialog box

In this window, the student should select his/her Group, Name, Password, and begin the first lesson.

RapidTyping reviews

It is really helped me a lot both typing accuracy and speed. Thanks, Consider adding other language as well.
Petros Gutema Nesho
this software is designed in a way we can learn fast typing. helpful for students 😍😍
amirtha rengavathi
To be honest this typing application is different from other typing applications I have used till now to learn typing. In other words one of the best I have ever used
Needy Power
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