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User reviews of RapidTyping

The program is very good. Simple but practical. Thanks!
i really appreciate this site so much it enabled me to write with all my fingers but unfortunately it decreased my speed i need advice in how to increase the speed again and about the amount of time to spend in this
thank you for your help
i want to know how you can use to write rapid keyboard.
this is best for typing knowledge
i urgently want practice lessons and practice tests of typing downloads
My son hates timers. I really want a typing program that doesn't make speed a dominate item by displaying time. I want a program that measures and reports at the end of a session. He can see his improvement in speed and accuracy session by session, not second by second. Timers su.. the joy out of typing games for him.
Wow! what a fantastic programme, especially for one who has no experience as a typist. Thank you for presenting this awesome site, I am sure, many non and experience typist's will follow and use this site to practice, improve, and hopefully reach that 100 mark each time. Thank You.
have not type in years this program is such a big help. Just have to say THANK YOU
pls i want to learn how to place my fingers on my keyboard
i am not able to use rapid typing. I have installed the latest version but it is not operating on vista. whether your software i compatible with vista. want to know how i will use it on my laptop.
this is best for typing knowledge
Marvellous and unbelievable! yeah, it works. It worked for me. Thanks a lot for this free innovation.
thank this good program
xavier leonardo arana
The USAID-funded Technology for Improved Learning Outcomes (TILO) project is recommending Rapid Typing to teachers and students in Egyptian schools, as we believe that is supports our project objectives to improve teaching and learning through the use of technology. Thank you for creating Rapid Typing and for making it freely available to support teaching and learning globally.
A signed letter is attached that you might print for a more detailed, paper-based 'Thank You'.
Ginny Woolley, Director of Digital Resource Development
Ill be an excellent typer!!!
Love this software, i know i'll be an excellent typer if i practice consistently. thanks for making it free for all.
Rapid typing is making me more comfortable to type and i really love rapid typing
nur shamima
this is an excellent program....my typing speed has greatly increased.....
josephine drucilla
This software is very much useful to improve our typing speed.
Thanks for free rapidtyping,I am happy to learn how type and improve it, But would prefer a downloaded one in my mail.
Thank you and best regards,
It is very useful to the rudiment stage user as well as very helpful to those people who are trying to develop their typing skill and they can enhance their career growth. one second thank u very much to the free rapid typing tutor.
This software is very much useful to improve our typing speed.
this programme is very helpful
ved prakash
Thanks for free rapid for me and I am happy learning type and improve it. best regards papa
Your software is absolutely great... Finally a good program I can use to improve my typing... For real... I'm pleasantly surprised. Now if only a program like this existed for grammar. ^_-
John K
This Program is very nice. In my free time, i use this(Online Typing Software) to improve my Typing Skill.
Thank you very much.
This program is a godsend! I downloaded it a few years ago, and loved it so much! I was able to improve my typing, and have fun while doing so. I sold the computer the program was on, and couldn't remember the name of the program when I got my new laptop. I searched weeks before I could find it again. It was way worth it!
This program is really awesome! now typing without looking at the keyboard has become so much easier! Thanks for the free instructions!!! :)
Elizabeth Furphy
Thanks allot for your free useful software I took advantage so I am able to type by 10 fingers without looking at key board at the preset time.
Very nice program, thank you
Nice software with amazing GUI,so that even the users will not get bored,thanks to developers of this software
suresh g
the program is simply superb ya. i improved my typing speed in two days. i'm loving it .i recommended this program to my friend s who don't know typing.Thanks yaa
This is fantastic way to learn the typing.My typing speed has been increased through this tutor.This is joyful and funny also.
I loved it, thanks for this software.
I like this tutor because it has helped me and with me being a college student, I can now write my papers faster! Thank you rapidtyping.com
Ms. Marrie M.
This is fantastic way to develop or improve the typing skills. I was looking for some program that will help my niece to learn how to type properly. This program has even Bosnian language version. I am very happy that I found it.
Thank you so much i really enjoyed this program and i still using it and it really improving my typing skills
Mahmoud moustafa
I really enjoyed this test I think that doing this will really improve my typing. And I really liked the reviews of how we did. It was really helpful.
Oh yeah,
once more
thanks so much for Indonesian translation,
cz im Indonesian
This program helped me learn how to typer really fast without making mistakes. Thanks!
Thanks, very good stuff.....
I'm really found of this kind of programs,it makes me better time after time !! (And I'm french :p)
Typing has turned out to be a lot more fun since I have started using this website. Thanks for doing such a great job!

RapidTyping reviews

This program has been very useful for me.
Elso Gonzalez
it is such a nice app. now i write faster than my older sister it is the best
mariyam naved
This is a very nice touch typing software. It is also a good freeware.
It was taught in my school. I learned that time and now it is very helpful.
Saubhagya Dev
This is such an incredible app. It works like a charm.
Bongephiwe Shazi
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