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What's new in RapidTyping

What's new in RapidTyping 3.4.3

'Requires the fixing the wrong characters'.

    'Requires the right character type',

      'No requirements'.

      • Speed up the startup application:
      • Updated Chinese Traditional translation.

      What's new in RapidTyping 3.4

      • Added Serbian interface translation;
      • Added full Russian lesson course;
      • Added support for Euro-keyboard( Alt Gr symbols ).
      • Added support fonts with non-fixed width.
      • Added support Unicode fonts.
      • Added support small lesson font.
      • Added customize of lesson and keyboard fonts;( Options->Lesson->Font )
      • Added English lessons for Latin keyboard layouts.

      What's new in RapidTyping 3.3.6

      • Added full German lesson course.
      • Added full Arabic lesson course.
      • Added Tips panel for beginner.
      • Added the lesson creating from file(s)
      • Added the silent install mode.
      • Updated the German interface translation.
      • Fixed the font char-set bug in some languages.
      • Fixed some controls in the right-left interface.

      What's new in RapidTyping 3.3

      • Added Arabic interface language.
      • Fixed bug with right-left text direction on the Arabic and Hebrew keyboard layout.
      • Fixed visual bug with pictures in the lesson window on some video-cards.
      • Removed a repeated sounds on the Shift key.
      • Updated Chines Traditional interface language.
      • Updated Bosnian interface language.

      What's new in RapidTyping 3.2.9

      • Added typing lesson background schemes.
      • Added support the right-left languages in the typing lessons.
      • Improved work on older video cards.
      • Fixed the running bug on the some Windows version.

      What's new in RapidTyping 3.2.7

      • Added Greek interface language.
      • Updated Chinese Traditional interface language.
      • Updated Bulgarian interface language.
      • Updated Farsi interface language.
      • Fixed bug with system context menu ( by Alt+Enter ).
      • Fixed bug with label and the numbers on «Results» dialog box on the left are in WPM.
      • Fixed the running bug on the Windows XP SP2.

      What's new in RapidTyping 3.2.5

      • Added Farsi interface language.
      • Added support right-left interface.
      • Added the control «Sound» in the main window.
      • Added the background music.
      • Added more 30 sound effects.
      • Added the mode of the random choose of sound effect.
      • Added support of the sound schemes.
      • Fixed bug with «Wait cursor» on the some dialog boxes.

      What's new in RapidTyping 3.2.3

      • Added the notice «Caps Lock was pressed» in the window «Current Lesson».
      • Added: The parameter «Speed» in the «Results» dialog box depends upon selected parameters in the Options - Statistics window.
      • Added highlight of current lessons language in the menu «Language».
      • Added support of the addition «Theme Colors».
      • Added support of the addition «Spanish lesson course».
      • Added support of the addition «User Avatar».
      • Fixed bug with right thumb on the virtual keyboard.
      • Fixed visual bug on the bottom large statistics table.
      • Fixed restoring position of the current lesson.
      • Fixed restoring position of the window «Options».
      • Disabled processing system keys such as Volume Up, Volume Down etc. in the current lesson.
      • Improved mode «Pause» in the window «Current lesson».

      What's new in RapidTyping 3.2

      • Added icons for marking of numeric pad|main pad lessons.
      • Added dialogs «Lesson Properties», «Section Properties».
      • Added 99 colors for interface themes.
      • Fixed bugs of user course editing.
      • Fixed disappearance of the translation in the dialog «Options».
      • Fixed visual bug on the splitter.
      • Fixed sound-driver bug on some versions of the Windows 7.

      What's new in RapidTyping 3.1.5

      • Added numeric pad typing lessons.
      • Added numeric virtual keyboard.
      • Added the system key names on the virtual keyboard.
      • Added dialog «Course Properties».
      • Added Copy Paste menu to the Lesson Editor.
      • Fixed restoring of Lesson Editor tabs state.
      • Fixed saving some user files under the Vista|Windows 7( require full reinstall for version 3.0 and 3.1 ).
      • Fixed import bugs of user lessons from version 2.
      • Fixed highlight of virtual keyboard in the lesson editor.
      • Fixed rename user lesson bug.

      What's new in RapidTyping 3.1.1

      • Added the full courses for Dvorak, Dvorak left hand, Dvorak right hand layouts.
      • Added Albanian translation.
      • Added keyboard auto-detect.
      • Added a new keyboard types.
      • Improved the basic and main courses( corrected and added lessons for all keyboard types ).
      • Added welcome message on the start lesson.
      • Updated the French translation. Thanks to Sophie.
      • Updated the dialog buttons.
      • Fixed bug with updating of the «Current language» caption on the dialog «Options».
      • Fixed bug with coloring menu on the dialog «Options».
      • Changed color of the current lesson text( lighter now ).
      • Fixed memory leaks.

      What's new in RapidTyping 3.0

      • Available in 19 languages.
      • A new User's Manual.
      • Added touch typing lesson course for Spanish Traditional and Ecuador keyboards.
      • Improved interface of application.
      • Fixed bug on the Hungary virtual keyboard.
      • Improved large lessons performance.
      • Support for a new lesson courses created users.
      • Improved navigation by lessons.

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      RapidTyping reviews

      Hello... Thank You for this software. it helped & helping me A LOT . THANK YOU.
      Mr. Nobody
      I turned the volume off because the clicking when pressing the shift keys did my head in. Apart from that, thank you for this excellent software.
      Martin Wood
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