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User reviews of RapidTyping

It's is an outstanding program.
I always thought of having a software which increases my typing speed and typing accuracy.
Thanks a lot for your software...Its really worth downloading and trying...
Suresh Mane
it was very helpful and improved my typing
thanks,it's will be improve of typing speed
Hi, this a very helpful software for new users. thanks for this great job.
Muhammad Akram
Hi this is very help full and easy to use and learn more about typing. Thanks a bunch.
A very handy tool for helping with learning touch typing it is easy to setup and fun to follow along with the exercises.
Very easy to use, Great for teaching children or computer illiterate people to type. Has on-screen hands that show you which button to push Love it!!
Many Many thanks, its is really very good.
It very nice, I am very happy to catch this site.
this is a good cuz pple can practice typing like me and my younger cousins and things like dat and this is a good program to type when u r at home with nothing to do and u can just get on the computer and type
Kia Kyler
is this really an easy way to stop finger pecking and start hand typing?And also does this teach fast and easy?
This is a great typing tutor, and it's free! Rapid Typing is FAR better than 99.9% of the typing tutors i've bought and tested. Keep up the good work!
It's hard for me to afford anything in this economy. And honestly, this is the best typing tutor that I've ever had. Whenever I graduate college and start my career, I'm gonna start donating constantly. *(Thank you so much)*
Ivan Zambrano (Arizona)
I like this Rapidtyping,its too good behind the schools teaching season.
This is very good software in view of learning
this is the best website for children
this is an awesome website for practicing typing
Well, I think that it's quite a bit of fun, it's my first time
doing this test! And I'm having one heck of a time! So, here
I go again! And maybe this time I'll do better! he-he!
So, bear with me for here I go again!
This has improved my typing and I have tried many typing tutors. This is the only one that has stretched me and improved my accuracy
Hi, This is good website for learning typing but I think there is need better like when we are taking test we don't know when we mistake.
Rapid typing is very helpful
vijay sarda
Hi i love this website i think it is the best for kids to learn. And the typing test why does it get hardy?
i have just downloaded RTT and i hope it will assist me.am too slow and this has given me hope,i now have no reason for typing slowly.the least i can say is thanks.
i absolutely love this software .......the best of its kind i have ever used ..it has helped me a lot ....it is relatively simple to use at the same time makes learning fun
thanks alot for making this software free for download.......
I have just downloaded this software. I will give you the feedback after having used it. Thanks
Ramchandra Dharmdasani
since i search the rapid typing zone. i gain lots of benefits by this. before rapid typing my typing speed was 25-30. and now it 45-50. so lots of thank to rapid typing zone.
satish sharma
This web site is wonderful! I'm excited to find out how fast I can type in the future. Thank you for every thing...
it is so interesting for people thank to rapid typing zone
sunil yadav
I found the rapid typing it is so good for the people slow typing.
Gosh! for me this is just the only software that teaches us how to type well.
Angeli Alyssa S. Andan
I found it very helpful and I like it. You are the best.
Very interesting and practical, I like it.
Wow!!! What a gem of a software! I just stumbled onto your site while browsing the web. Your program is amazingly simple, beautiful, useful, and fun to use at the same time--a very rare quality in modern software programs.It puts the commercial programs out there to shame.
Thanks a million for sharing it with the whole world. You are the best!!!
Okba Chowdhury
it really its a good program to teach you home row keys but it helps you better your typing skills for those who already know how to type
Love the program. My girlfriend (Ruth) and I actually went head to head at the same time to see who could type faster. This program is great because it's also portable. It's actually helping me ween myself from looking down at the keyboard from time to time.
This is very nice software I enjoy this very much. thank you very much.
parveen kumar
so so very thanks very help full who don`t know typing
This is very nice software.I enjoy this very much. thank you very much.
it is very good software and i will be champion in next two month
This is a great, it is very help fully for me...
Reena Rawat
This is really the best typing software ever made. The greatness of this software is it's Keyboard Hand display features. If one follows for one week by the heart the hand movement by typing then he/she will improve his/her typing speed very easily. So I recommend all the readers of my review please download it, if you haven't. It will surely be your one of the greatest download ever. Your typing speed will increase like Magic.
Thanks for reading my comments.
Rahul Haldar
This is very good to improve your self. It also help to improve accuracy and typing speed. I think with out paying any thing it is good chance to use this program.
it is very useful for me, i am very happy to use this typing. i am improve in this , i have been using this for one week , my accuracy was increased , it is good for me,

RapidTyping reviews

5 stars for you
Really Good
Floretha Tore
I think This is the best typing software in the world!!!
Best typing software . It helped me to improve my typing speed . Loved it and one the scale of 10 I give it 10/10.
this a best app which improve and show my typing intelligence. very very thanks
i think it is helpful app
It is very good app. I like this app
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