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User reviews of RapidTyping

Thanks for enhancing my typing speed up to 50 to 60 WPM your tutor is good guilder, for a new typist also a old one. I like your typing tutor too much, I appreciate your tutor formula.
Sonandkar Gopal Gajanan
Pandharpur, Maharashtra India
everything was great i loved the way they had everything organized and i have been wanting to learn how to type but now i am an expert. its like i landed some of my skills and work from now on i am something great at school and at home. my mom is impressed.
thanks for your free software because it help me allot on my typing skills and help me land a job !!!
John Paul
I am very glad your software very beautiful. And very nice
Hey, Rapid typing people! I absolutely love this program and I am typing the correct way now! Thank you so much!! I love how you made this and it is the best one I have tried. Great programs and great People make it like everyone whom can type REALLY, REALLY well used this program! Thank you for everything!!! Bye!!
New way of typing of a blind method for 2,5 hours by means of color combinations.
This is great. I am trying to enter back into the job market and slowly I am seeing improvement with this program. Thank you
I'm using Rapid Typing Portable and I encounter a problem when I tried to practice the numbers, the key of number seven isn't working and the problem exists in the platform version too. I'm a Brazilian and i use the configuration of keyboard PTBR.
Thank you for feedback Emilson! I will test your configuration.
I am so glad that you make this and it has helped me a lot with my typing skills. In fact I'm typing the way the web site instructions tell me to right now! The thing I like the most about this is free.
A great Tutor indeed...
I appreciate it as super typing tutor..
To much helpful to learn quick rapid typing within no time...
Thanks a lot
I think, I'm an expert. in fact I'm a beginner in skill. I've tried the Rapid typing, a great simple software.
It's a great practice to improve our typing skills
phani kumar
This is a very good typing tutor program, the best I've tried. One can easily and 'rapidly' learn with it, but I have a problem with it: however it contains the keyboard I have and I started to learn with using it, the lessons doesn't contain the 'í' letter. All the other letters are in it, but this one had been left out. (I can see it on the virtual keyboard, but no lesson teaches which finger you have to type it with.) I'm Hungarian, and in my language we use this letter quite a lot, so for us RTT is not perfect.
But anyway it's a good program, so thanks for it.
A really nice and practical typing tutorial software, great for everyone who wants to improve their typing skills. Many thanks :)
it is the best typing tutor...i learn to type in short time...i love it...
haz ken
I would like to submit my keyboard assignment to my instructor but not sure on how to do it. Please help
Brenda Brooks
hey your rapid typing is really cool at our school all of our computer has a game of rapid typing our teacher and my classmate are really addicted with it! so we are wondering if you could made another one please reply!?
This 'Rapid Typing Tutor' is the best typing tutor. I learnt touch typing with it in a short time and my typing speed is constantly improving. Thanks a lot to the developers for making is this freeware. I would like to request a feature of games. Please provide some games with this software to make learning even more fun.
Its a good one for the new learners because the techniques are very simple and easy to understand.
suchit deshpande
I am currently practicing for a computer job, when I searched, I found this web site, its great site, now I can online test my speed with others, its really a useful tool great work. Thanks for 'Rapid Typing'
Kamran Ali
My son, 9, too play games on computer. Now, I'm making him to practice typing, he's going better. Thanks a ton for this tool.
its best way ,to learning typing , please do same for hindi typing .
thank you for all
My daughter is 7 and plays video games. If she can do that...she can learn to type... She's doing a great job with the help of Typing Tutor. Thanks!
Great Software for anyone to improve or learn to type... I've been typing for years and occasionally I like to get back to a typing program to get my speed back up.
This software is helpfully, it makes me can type fast and nice. Thanks to the maker.
This practice is very helpful.
ha ha
thank you
it is very good training
sathick batcha
Though I am a beginner,this software is very useful and I learned typing completely in 15 days in home only. Thank you very much.
thank you
it is very easy to work and to handle.
Thank you, it's very familiar and easy to work
it was easy and quickly installed..it includes every thing...its animation, different lessons, easy to learn. i hope i will work on keyboard like an expert.
Rapid Typing zone is good and wonderful zone for Online test of 'TYPING'
The main strong points of this Typing Tutor are its visible on-screen commands and the great looking interface, the user-defined lessons capability as well as the wide variety of typing courses.
I'll always love rapid typing
it'll help me to do fast typing
Vijay chauhan
This is a good touch typing tool. I am using it to help learn typing.
This is a good touch typing tool. I am using it to help my student learn typing.
this is very good.I improve my typing speed..
This very good program.... I like it!
Star Nesia
yesterday i recommended for this program and i love it i am glad that i have been encouraged by allot of people to do this program THANK YOU RAPID TYPING!!!
This is a very good and helpful tool..!!! I have improved my typing speed.
i think that if you can read than you can type
and if you can spell than you can type
just stay focus and don't rush yourself
Khalid, don't hurry, and try to type with a constant speed
I have delay in using the shift keys when I want to type in Capital?
How to solve this.
Also if I want to become faster, do I need to make my fingers a little up from the keyboard.

RapidTyping reviews

5 stars for you
Really Good
Floretha Tore
I think This is the best typing software in the world!!!
Best typing software . It helped me to improve my typing speed . Loved it and one the scale of 10 I give it 10/10.
this a best app which improve and show my typing intelligence. very very thanks
i think it is helpful app
It is very good app. I like this app
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