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User reviews of RapidTyping

We can improve our typing skills by playing typing games here on this website.
It was big hurdle for me to type fluently but when I got used to the typing games provided here I can type at an average speed of 55-60wpm. So I want to give big thanks to this rapid typing website and to the FREE rapid typing tutor they have provided..... Thanks!
Hi, I'm typing in hindi. I want to know that when I press j k l m then I find in hindi Ra, Ka, Ta or Cha. Can anyone tell me in which font I'm typing...
I like typing. It's like game for me....
I want you to enjoy this game using Rapid Typing FREE software!!!!!
i can type now at a speed of about 24-26 wpm would like to increase it to 50
My wife is an expert typist and she tried the program. Her WPM was 58. When she tried another program, as well as an online test, her score was 98 and 102 WPM, respectively.
Could the WPM counter be wrong? Thank you.
Bob Trenton
it's good it helps us to learn typing
hello im ana 12 years old i like rapid typing very much.
- What about letter 'ç' (c with cedilla) in 'Canadian French' layout?
I can't type it! Fix it, please!
Thank you!
Can you make 'No wallpapers' mode with choice of background color?
John Doe
Please support symbol (type alt num) in custom lesson, so it could make custom lesson for ASCII font in some language. Thank you very much for everything.
Hello everyone!
I just started to use RapidTyping, though I have been touch typing for few years. Why? I was chatting with my friend and they seemed a bit slow to me, so I thought, hmm, maybe she (or someone else) thinks the same way about me, which obviously wouldn't be nice.
And voila!
Have fun,
This wonderful software is great to teach typing.
It's interactive!
Peter Chang
hi wonderful software thank you all for giving us free typing software.....
kazi chhetri
this is amazing and good for enjoyment while learning
I'm happy to have programs like this.
Tadeu Carvalho.
Please, if it would be possible to show in online typing test words in spanish for us, we are people that speak spanish. Thanks a lot.
I write from La Paz, Bolivia (South America) I want to thank you for this course. It`s really great. And the most important is that is FREE...
sorry it is impossible to find out how to use this program. Complected for children. rubbish
Chloe Davis
I need your help to achieve faster speed in Hindi typing
Sanjib Basumatary
I would love to learn how to type faster so one day if I have a job with typing in it I will be able to type fast and they will be impressed!
Catana Jade
Great software!
How can I insert the ENTER-key in my own lessons?
Greetings from Germany!
- Thank you.
- In few day the new 4.0 version will been release.
- This version have the multi-row mode( with support ENTER-key ).
Nice Game. It improved my skills in Typing. But I must say that this is much better than Typing tutor but I like typer shark the most :(. Well they have the same rating for me so I like them both. But Typing tutor, I hate that game but not so much at first I like it but as long as I always Use it It's kind'a boring... :P Well Thank you Rapid typing tutor... GOD Bless YOu and all who supports you... :D :)
- Hello I cannot type as fast as I can??
- Try Rapid Typing Tutor.
pramada poudel
how do i start typing test?
Click button 'Start Test' and type text in the second(blue) area. After finishing click button 'Done'
I came across your website browsing online accidentally. Thanks a lot for providing this software and your fascinating site. I enjoyed it. It's cool. I love it. I think many of my friends will love my discovery.
Love this thing! I am finally learning to type with all my fingers lol! Do you guys have more themes or more backgrounds? I can't find them on the site. And yes I know I am supposed to be working on practicing without messing with the themes but I was just wonder *sheepish*
A. J.
I need your help to achieve faster speed in Hindi typing
After a brief web search, I ran across RapidTyping and have concluded it is probably the best free typing tutor currently available. However, I am greatly disappointed that it does not feature specialized lessons for the Colemak keyboard layout, which is by far the best available layout available. I wonder if it might be possible to support Colemak in the future? For the time being, I will have to be content using TypeFaster, a similar program which is much simpler but supports Colemak. (It also has the advantage of finding your weak areas and testing you on them, another feature RapidTyping might benefit from.)
Damien Riegel
The program does not work at all.
I am using windows 7 and the application installs ok on it
On clicking exe file , the application initiates and ask for language, user, and keyboard type but after that it just closes down, nothing happens!!
i have changed the screen resolution , tried to select all models of keyboards but nothing happens.??
What to do?
There must one option to NOT to stop on Error. Meaning that, if I'm on a test, and I presses one wrong key, then my test doesn't continue until I press the correct key. This should be optional.
Deep Gajjar
This software is great. One its not a space hogger, two it just takes one straight into the lesson, three its super simple and quite eye catching and interesting compared to some of the commercial ones i've bought before.
very nice program alone liked the support Turkish, very nice site and I would recommend to friends.
thank the authors for very good site
mustafa erdem
I would like to type everyday on these rapid typing test please and thank you for your time
jordan green
I Love so much your product. It's rocking Software!!!!
too cooool, easyyyy, flexible, nice loooook.
after this it's totally free!!!!!!!!!!!!
you are such genius$
Mukesh Jaan
show the formula for a beginner to speed my practice.
kishore kumar mohanty
i love rapid typing because this is the site who provide me the way where i can improve my typing skills
thanks alot
this software is really good. helps me a lot in improving my typing :)
Wow... This software is really good to learn typing..!!!< br /> Thanks
Good software. I referred to my friends also. they are also learning typing. Good.
Sajeev Kumar
With RapidTyping I learned typing so fast

RapidTyping reviews

very fantastic this application is developed is such a way that anyone can upgrade their typing skills all the credit goes to the developing team who executed this Rapid typing. thx a ton
This application provides you with the best user experience you can probably get while learning to type. A great app for beginners.
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