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User reviews of RapidTyping

My words per minute have come from 24 to 37 thanks to this programme
Rapid Typing Tutor is easy to use if you want to brush up on your typing skills or simply want to increase your speed. The program is easy to install and run.
I have had a problem with hitting the wrong key sometimes, and thanks to Rapid Typing Tutor I can now practice correcting my keystrokes so that I don't make the same mistakes. I am also steadily building my speed thanks to the program.
i enjoy your lesson but i can't seem to change it, how can i change it?
tshele ranokoli
I would like to type on my keyboard because I have improved speed very much. I hope I will be better in the future in order to support in my job.
Mr Vinh
I like this program so far, and it is working for me so far.I just hope now i can manage to type without looking at the keyboard and type faster.
S. Ellis
I am unemployed too, also I like this program I am interesting type, but I can not type faster I type every day but didn't improve.
I always jealous of other people who can type really fast and w/o looking at keyboard. So i planned to find a class for my weakness then i found this on-line, useful and like the background. I just started to play this game. Thank to the creator of this program ^____^
What a beautiful program to start typing right away!!!
I really appreciate having it!
I will contribute in the future, right now I am unemployed, and I am using my free time to learn how to type without looking at my keyboard!
Thank you!!!!
i have required a lesson plan of typing.
rajesh kumar tiwari
Hello. I am younger boy who want to study accounting and finances in the university but I don't know how to type faster because I am too slow . So I please you to help by giving me advises and practical on-line.
jodel ndock
Rapid typing zone is really amazing. I have gone through various other websites of typing but haven't found one which really gives an competitive spirit. Thanks to the whole team :)
this timing and such it does not seem right at all
I can't seem to get the additional lessons to show up on the Menu. Just typing the different keys doesn't interest me at all. Has anyone else had such a problem? I can see the additional lessons in the program data but the only way to use them is to install each one manually which is too slow.
i just wanna thank you all for everything you all do its like i cry over this stuff because i know that i am improving in how i use to type and how i do now i thank you all one again because i want every to learn how to type as fast as i do i think this website is the best i used yet ;D thank you and the and just for the hard work you put into thus is means a lot.
Mariah Ashley
I'm grateful to find a fun typing program to help me learn to type.
this program is so cool i love the test, it helps so much ,i just wanna thank all who put there time and hard work in this thanks.
hi this software Rapid typing is very useful to improve my typing skills its a wonderful program
hi anyone knows how i can change my typing lesson?
I have been using Rapid Typing for a few days now.
I have been typing since 12 years and I have used many softwares just to brush up on my typing skills on and off. Many of the softwares I have used have just been a waste of time.
I find that your typing software is the best for me. I have improved on so many mistakes/wrong strokes I had using your program. I think it is an amazing program.
Please keep up the good work.
Thank you very much.
I have been using this program for awhile and its has help me greatly, I am still use it so i can get even more faster at typing which will help me get a good job. This is the best thing ever. I have downloaded the program on to my computer, and use it everyday. thanks guys, you've done well.
I wouldn't start anything without a word of appreciation and thanks for this greatly useful free typing program, very generous and considerate to help people who less fortunate and give them a chance to learn extra ordinary typing skill in the most attractive way.
I encourage you to add more languages so people who want to learn Indian or Arabian languages etc will benefit from it.
Thumbs up for 'Rapid Typing Tutor'....may we see more languages too.
I just downloaded your program and I was actually looking for a typing program to help me with Ukrainian. Being a volunteer in Ukraine I would find this very useful as would numerous other people I know. Thanks a lot for the program.
I love rapid typing!!
I never new about this until one day I looked on my downloads and it was there and I tried it out and I loved it!! The other websites I have been to is free online typing tests and then micro type pro and those were fun but this is the best!!
This is just great, interesting interface, simple and skillful lessons, the illustrative hands are great. I will recommend this for anybody, young or old.
Jude A
i love your website and it helped me to get better at typing and i really thank you so much.
jada robinson
I'm not on the Champions, but I took 34 secs to get done and the highest on the champions was 37 secs! By the way if you check the last 5 typist I found a Glitch that if I kept refreshing the duration goes higher yet my classmates and teacher keep on refreshing and it doesn't work for them! lol!
Clay H. Beverlye M.
this should show us the mistakes we make, it would be nice to see, and how does this rating system works, is it off one of the original test give by employers
Hi this is whole lot of fun here to type and learn. Try it.
What is the accuracy? Cuz i can't get a good one.
A Person
it's very easy, great way to learn how to type, for anyone of any age
i absolutely love this website. i want to thank the creators. for making a website that i can have fun going on but at the same time learn a lot.. hank you so very much!
Really i like this site very much. Online typing typing test system is very nice.It will be useful for the user if give us more typing test facility with this site free.
All the best.
Md. Shakurullah Bhuia
i really so not like this website. it has nothing to offer.
Typing tutor is too good...
it helped me to improve my typing speed from 30 to 55 wpm.
thank you so much....
Manojdoley Avn
did you know about bbc.co.uk/schools/typing?
best day!
Hello, My names is Makayla! I am in 7th grade and I am using this for school !! I like to do it 2 ! i was wondering if there is any other site for typing ?? I hope to know soon !! Have a blessed day , Makayla
Makayla Hall
I like this program, it will be a great help for my future job...Tip for Mary, for the A(with two point's on top) you write 'ae'; same for the O = oe; U = ue,

RapidTyping reviews

This program has been very useful for me.
Elso Gonzalez
it is such a nice app. now i write faster than my older sister it is the best
mariyam naved
This is a very nice touch typing software. It is also a good freeware.
It was taught in my school. I learned that time and now it is very helpful.
Saubhagya Dev
This is such an incredible app. It works like a charm.
Bongephiwe Shazi
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