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User reviews of RapidTyping

This is very nice software I enjoy this very much. thank you very much.
parveen kumar
so so very thanks very help full who don`t know typing
This is very nice software.I enjoy this very much. thank you very much.
it is very good software and i will be champion in next two month
This is a great, it is very help fully for me...
Reena Rawat
This is really the best typing software ever made. The greatness of this software is it's Keyboard Hand display features. If one follows for one week by the heart the hand movement by typing then he/she will improve his/her typing speed very easily. So I recommend all the readers of my review please download it, if you haven't. It will surely be your one of the greatest download ever. Your typing speed will increase like Magic.
Thanks for reading my comments.
Rahul Haldar
This is very good to improve your self. It also help to improve accuracy and typing speed. I think with out paying any thing it is good chance to use this program.
it is very useful for me, i am very happy to use this typing. i am improve in this , i have been using this for one week , my accuracy was increased , it is good for me,
I have got an experience of speed typing. And I do my typing speed practice with Rapid Typing Tutor. It make my typing speed better and more comfortable on key-board. I hope I will learn more about speed typing skills with it.
i think that it is great to learn typing in this selection even though i haven't tried it yet
i am Shekhar from India. the rapid typing is very helpful for me.
I'm typing some slowly.I want to type much faster. at that i got a message from rapid typing .Thanks to this site.
phani krishna
provide typing type as free permanently
I appreciate having this game iv learned to type fast in a short period of time. i really love this game is so fabulous.thanks so much for creating this game.
Its a really good software to learn typing. Thanks to the programmer who programmed it and allow it to download free of cost.
Md.Ataur Rahman BANGLADESH
its very useful for all beginners.Thanks for this team.
I got a great typing speed through this program. I call it a Brain Storming. And a great help for beginners.thanks again to Rapid Typing Tutor Team.
It is a great help by providing this kind of software at free of cost.It really very helpful for working people particularly, Thanking you very much for providing this kind of software.
Simply superb software. I learnt speed typing in just one month and that too without anyone's help.
Ravindra B.D.
you'll certainly be rewarded, thank you.
Most schools teach double space at the end of a sentence. I would like to see actual business letters to type in the block, semi-block , and also indented forms. Formal and Friendly letter format, thanks a bunch it would be more fun if the screen scroll worked automatically, as I had to advance the screen to complete the 3 minute test last few sentences.
This is very interesting.I would like to say thankyou very very much to RapidTyping's maker.This is very interesting and joyful.
Thanks for such a wonderful typing tutor.
Sudhir Dixit (Faridabad)
Hi, I want to improve my skills XD
It is a good website for improve the typing practice. And practice the keyboard typewriting.
It helps me a lot to improve my typing skills.
I have tried many typing tutors but find this best, and I am also enjoying.
its really very interesting i learned a lot in typing thankyou
This is a very good program and is improved with each new release. Is better than many so called 'commercial' programs. One thing I would like to see implemented in this program something I haven't seen in any other-is different sounds with every touch of the keyboard, there is a new sound for each key pressed (or better yet the sound or spelling of each letter/key pressed). I believe this is a good idea and maybe is won’t be so hard to implement (that depends of how open the authors are to new suggestions and ideas and if they read the people comments on their website). Otherwise this program is great as it is.
Many thanks to the authors for the wonderful job they did, and for the willingness to share it with other people for free.
Thanks regards.
It is very useful. I really enjoy with tool.
G.P Dabhi
I would like to say thank u very much for the rapid typing, it's help me lot's.
Thank you very much Rapid Typing.You are very helpful
i loved it very much its very much helpful for who whats to speed up his typing. great job done.
best of luck
pratap singh rawat
I LOVE this program! I've tried several typing programs and this one has the best combinations, for really giving you a thorough learning experience! I also like how you can enter in your own text to practice typing on!
Rapid typing tutor is so helpful.
RTT is wonderful its helpful to learn typing faster...
Thanks a lot for making this great software..
I love this Typing Tutor.. It's very useful..
It's fun and make me could typing more faster.. ^^
Thanks for such a wonderful typing tutor.
once again thanks
imran saleem
I am grateful for this free gift of LOVE. Both me and my daughter would like to use it but I couldn't work out how to install multiple users...
maybe someone could tell me?
Lots of LOVE Lila
this typing game is GREAT it really helped me to improve on my typing
I really like this program. I am only 12 and I am already typing much faster and without looking. I would recommend this to lots of people and especially to schools. As I saw in the 'Downloads' section, you can download the portable version. Its useful to put on a pen drive and teach the students at school.
I love this, I am 46 yrs old trying something new is scary im trying to learn how to type.
Rapid typing is very good website for learning type writing ...
this summer all guys use this site and improve their skill...

RapidTyping reviews

very fantastic this application is developed is such a way that anyone can upgrade their typing skills all the credit goes to the developing team who executed this Rapid typing. thx a ton
This application provides you with the best user experience you can probably get while learning to type. A great app for beginners.
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