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User reviews of RapidTyping

Rapid Typing Tutor is a program that is easy to navigate and it is really helpful. I also like the ambient music.
the game is wonderful excellent.I like it very much.
Only just got started on the site it is a great way to improve my touch typing skills. Thank you
This is the great site to learn and use the proper keyboard and i live it thanks
This software is really very useful for them who want to learn typing. I like it. Thanks
Zeeshan Riaz
yes this is good for those who are learning typing newly...
Excellent free typing tutor for both beginners and experienced touch typists.
This is very useful software for beginners
this is a really nice software
its very good for beginners..
This version of the Rapid Typing Typing is way better than the older one.
Simply Brilliant.. exactly what it says on the tin!!!
Has anyone been able to make this Typing Tutor work with Mac?
Very easy to use. Various type of keyboards.
that was fun.. I can type:
307 characters per minute
63 correct words
0 wrong words with my 10 fingers..
Gordon R
Thank you for this typing tutor.
I’ll try to increase my typing speed with your lessons.
Is it easy to learn touch typing?
This website is very useful for improving typing speed and i really improved my typing speed but i need download able software.
thank you for having this kind of typing tutor for i like it,and it helps me to familiarize
I have not had much time to check out the features of the program, but it does not (at least as far as I can determine) do what I wanted - namely, to practice typing with the Cyrillic keyboard. I may not have the program configured correctly, but as far as I can see, it does not do what I need.
it's improved my typing speed no end, I have to say ;-)
I really want to learn typing, I need a good software program that will help me learn typing.
Juan D
Rapid Typing Tutor, helping you:
typing job work,
data entry typing work,
make money typing on-line,
improve typing skill!!!!!
I am really enjoying learning typing through this software.It is really cute.
It is really very nice to improve our typing skills.
I enjoyed myself... This is software that is fun and diverting
Star Nesia
its really fantastic to be a speedy typer! which i acquired from u i'm really thankful to u.
Rapid Tutor is really nice. It help us to increase our speed as well as in the same time it helps us to know at what level our speed is.
very nice... its amusing to know about typing....
Thanks, Really this is a very great and human kind job, any person can learn how to type easily. shaid khan, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Shaid khan
Hey its working really. I am so glad with this software. I would like to thanks for creating such a nice and creative application. cheer up!!
Nitin Songirkar
...this website is really awesome...it's very useful software...thanks for creating such a wonderful application...more power to the one you created it...
i'm just speechless.It's working excellently.Good job buddy
ketan pithva
hi to all it`s wonderful software we can increase our typing speed very often
Thanks a lot this is big help to everyone.
nice website and software!
I would like to thank the developers of Rapid Typing for creating such a useful piece of application. This software is just awesome.
Thanks again!!!!
Vinay Solanki
Thanks. The Program is really great. I can now type faster then ever. I love it.
I'll say just 3 words.. it is awesome, awesome, awesome. I've improved from 6 to 45 wpm.. thanks Rapid Typing.
Ankit Singhal
Its Real Master For Any Kind Of Typing I Love It, Thanks
A.M Khan
thank you so much!. its really a great help.
Its a superb site to prove and improve your typing skills. it really rocks.
Rapid typing zone is wonderful one. i can practice very easily from this zone. i really thank r.t.z.... please keep goes on this wonderful help for us... take care R.T.Z.
That's really nice place to improve one's typing. I am really happy with the results I have got.
Manoj Sharma
I have not used the rapid typing zone but I am looking forward to using it.
Fiona Makukule
this is very good software for typing tutor
free typing tutor software
I notice that when I get a score of 70 wpm or more my name is not showing on the last 5 typists. WHY?
this site is doing very good job.
In the on-line typing test,please change the text daily then user will get good result.
This software is really good. i can know my speed and accuracy.
Excellent typing tutor, I have tried many but i found it best.
I and my little nephews learned allot from it.I will let everybody know about it.
Everybody beginner, professional, layman can use it and take advantage of this free tool.
Manmohan Singh, MCA , Chandigarh , Punjab

RapidTyping reviews

This program has been very useful for me.
Elso Gonzalez
it is such a nice app. now i write faster than my older sister it is the best
mariyam naved
This is a very nice touch typing software. It is also a good freeware.
It was taught in my school. I learned that time and now it is very helpful.
Saubhagya Dev
This is such an incredible app. It works like a charm.
Bongephiwe Shazi
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