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User reviews of RapidTyping

i absolutely love this website. i want to thank the creators. for making a website that i can have fun going on but at the same time learn a lot.. hank you so very much!
Really i like this site very much. Online typing typing test system is very nice.It will be useful for the user if give us more typing test facility with this site free.
All the best.
Md. Shakurullah Bhuia
i really so not like this website. it has nothing to offer.
Typing tutor is too good...
it helped me to improve my typing speed from 30 to 55 wpm.
thank you so much....
Manojdoley Avn
did you know about bbc.co.uk/schools/typing?
best day!
Hello, My names is Makayla! I am in 7th grade and I am using this for school !! I like to do it 2 ! i was wondering if there is any other site for typing ?? I hope to know soon !! Have a blessed day , Makayla
Makayla Hall
I like this program, it will be a great help for my future job...Tip for Mary, for the A(with two point's on top) you write 'ae'; same for the O = oe; U = ue,
My 11 year old son has started using the typing tutor for 5 minutes a day and he finds it easy, intuitive and enjoys using it.
My plan is to have him build his skills gradually and having previously experimented with programs live Mavis Beacon and Typequik, I would recommend this program as the best I've come across.
I like this game very much and I hope I can write faster soon.
It would be useful to point out every exercise to achieve a good score.
Good luck!
Mary, please revise font encoding, the button 'Font' in the window Options->Keyboard->Layout
the software is great, but i need a virtual keyboard with german letters like Ä Ö Ü and also lessons for these letters!
Thanks a lot for this educational software. I loved it.Thanks thanks.....!
manukrishna wayanad
i like this site but you need to have free on-line typing games cause i like doing theses a school
I used other software for typing before and they all work the same way. What I like about this one is the fact that it is a tiny program but packs a big punch.
It is small but powerful and it is free. I started seeing improvements after the first 10 minutes
I don't really like this website but i do get better at typing
A Person
Wow, you guys are pretty fast! How the hell have you attained that typing S-P-E-E-D? Like to know your trick.
Thanks a lot for this cool educational software. I loved it.
excellent software! I like it very much.
Omar Faruque
Does any one have any typing tips that help improve speed?
Besides of course practicing all the time.
I love Rapid Typing I Enjoy It Very Much
It seems other than the standard lessons, other text, syllable, words lesson are not shown on the left panel automatically.
May Almighty Bless you....Nice software for easy learning.
OMG, really appreciate this!
It's free yet fun and effective :)
I'm amazed!
good idea for a game. typing is a skill that you will use your whole life!
this type test very useful improve speed and accuracy
I think that this typing is fun. it started improving my typing the first day I started and I will practice every day.
I think that this typing is fun and easy it started improving my typing the first day I started and I will practice every
Nice typing tutor and I am progress on my typing
Romish Sindhi
Thank you so much for making this, it's really fun and makes this school class fun
I am good in typing and since has 5 yrs of good experience in it. I am always trying to improve it.
Thank you so much for creating this software. I'm using it as part of a technology literacy initiative in Morocco helping adults and students who were never exposed to computers learn to type so they can search the Internet and eventually write about their respective villages. Thus far using the French language version. Look forward to your Arabic language version in the future. All the best!
sir, just now I have downloaded th Rapid Typing Tutor, I will give message after its usage thanking you
Rapid typing is awesome in class when your trying to beat your mates!! I took a college course called ECDL through my school and this site has really help me with my speed and accuracy !! My own secret tip is learn the passage before you start typing !!
Rapid chick 2009
this is a very good website. i work as a medical transcriptionist and this has helped me with my work.
It is the best because you can choose what name to have. I recommended it to anyone.
it's a good software for a beginners like me and it will increase your speed tremendously. Any one who wants to increase their typing speed has to download this software
This is a good typing thing
steven frm FHS
I love rapid typing, its good thing to keep in another window so I had given a message to all people you r use this typing and improve our typing speed god by friends
Surprisingly, Rapid Typing increased my best (73 WPM) EVEN HIGHER!! I never thought that I could get any higher until I finally found this program. Now the fastest I've gone is 80 WPM (not much of a difference), but still the difference!
this game is the best for teenagers like me because it keeps me occupied
I looked all over the web for such a software!
It can turn you from the-worst-to-ever-try to a pro in a very small amount of time!
I liked the RapidTyping very much. It is the best program I have ever used for typing practice. It provides vast amount of statistics about the typing practice which helps to focus and correct the errors of typing. I am a teacher and I recommend RapidTyping to each of my students for typing practice.
it was really nice to do some free typing in spare time.
its very good to learn how to type also its good to be fast in typing.....

RapidTyping reviews

5 stars for you
Really Good
Floretha Tore
I think This is the best typing software in the world!!!
Best typing software . It helped me to improve my typing speed . Loved it and one the scale of 10 I give it 10/10.
this a best app which improve and show my typing intelligence. very very thanks
i think it is helpful app
It is very good app. I like this app
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