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How to interpret your results

Each time you complete a lesson, the Results window displays your achievements in this lesson and offers a range of further actions.

«Results» dialog box

Here, you can check your results:


You can easily change these metrics by clicking on the metrics menus.

Next step

Next step tab suggests your next step: Go to the next Lesson or Try again comparing your results with Course goals in the Course options. If all three conditions(speed, accuracy and time-out) are performed it suggests you go to the next lesson.

«Next step» section


You can hide this tab or even disable the appearance of whole How to interpret your results window in the Course options.

Detailed statistics

On the second tab, you can see the lesson statistics in detail, the typing speed and errors / slowdowns for each character/keystroke:

  • The green dashed line in the diagram shows good and bad results, with good results appearing above the line. See Course goal.
  • If item has bad result the column is red, if result is good the column is green.
  • In keystroke diagrams the key names are the same colour as the finger zone.

«Detailed statistics» section


Use the menu on the diagram to choose different metrics for items.

Overview the errors in text

On the third tab, in the text area, you can check the errors that occurred during the lesson. The colours represent the following:

  • Green correct character.
  • Yellow character show that the time frame has been exceeded.
  • Red incorrect character.
  • Orange incorrect character and the time for typing a character has been exceeded.

«Errors overview» section


You can customise these colours in the Background and text colour.

To view the results of all the lessons that you've already completed (not only the current one), go to the Student statistics section.

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