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User reviews of RapidTyping

amazing app! recommend it over all other typing software products, due to its simplicity, great user interface, large range of features and the fact that it is recommended by classrooms world over. Helped me increase my typing speed
pina colada
its good and the best
best app for typing but please improve ts features otherwise this is best app
mithilesh chandra
It is good for to improve our typing speed
Shivam Yadav
a great app to help with improving your typing but should have some more exercises.
Eric chamba champa
Great app if you want to increase your typing speed, however, could do with more exercises in the only
Natasha Krajicewski
this is the best software but i want to some improvement like word limit
Istiyak Ahmad
good typing app for those who want to be the fastest typist and helps a lot thank you so much
Amra Ameer
"Good app for typing Practice and Increasing speed typing." It's give Positive Thinking. I am give this app 5 star. It is too good.....
Nikhil Rathour
good app for typing practise and increasing speed typing
manas lalwani
manner of typing gets ingrained your practice and easily quickly you can type big paragraphs. If you're engaged in writing web stories Rapid Typing develops essential typing skill
You become an adept.
works good !!!
Stella. MacDonald
it's very interesting point for learn typing fast thanx rapid typing.
shaikh nabeel
Helpfull learning typing
Thank you so much for creating such a free software. I used it earlier on my old 2GB Desktop, but not now. Because my speed is now around 80-90 WPM.

Thank you RapidTyping👍
Rakesh Kumar Behera
I love this it helps me learn more writing and punctuations
Mia Boophsingh
My favorite typing app!

I've used RapidTyping for about ten years now. I used it to teach myself touch-typing.
Including a lot of practice, one thing I helpful did was a practice session before every writing session. Now, I am able to type an average of 2k word per hour, consistently 75 wpm, and I don't look at the keyboard.

One of my favorite parts of Rapid Typing, is you can enter your OWN text lesson. So I would create inspirational messages to type to myself every morning. Helped start my day on a positive note.

Also, it's free, and opens fast. Really one of my favorite pieces of software I've EVER used. I am an author and am grateful for this program!

Download now. You won't regret it!
J. Rose
Denver, Colorado
J. Rose Books
Please enjoy these great stories, fairy-tales, fables, and nursery rhymes for children. They help kids learn to read and make excellent bedtime stories!
m's koko
It is one of the most helpful free app to improve your typing skills. some lessons are quite difficult but as go ahead and keep practicing you get better and it becomes easier. Kudos to its developer. Thanks a lot.
Nitish Kumar Singh, Nalanda
It's a bit difficult to practice but it has helped me improve my typing speed and accuracy
Gawr Gura
I don't think it's the best for me, but still pretty good.
Thew Yu Fong
I am a school teacher,
Personally I have learned typing using Typing Master software. I came across this software when it was introduced in our school curriculum. This is perfect in all ways and I thank the people who have made it.
Sadiq Abbas
It helps me to increase my typing speed. If I use it regularly I will get the best skill for getting any Government job.
Md. Taufik Natore
Not bad 😃 I will trained to be the best one.
Kindly I appreciate the designers of this software because it helps every typists to improve and maintain their speed and accuracy!
I really used it since January, 2020. While now appreciate the outcomes from using it. Thank you!

This software is so helpful that our teacher suggests to use it, our teacher not only suggests it, but also makes us use it in the compute lab.
Kadambari Singh
I love this typing app it helps me become more fluent in typing and makes my job even better.
tống thị khánh linh
Yeah for sure this Software is good i really like it. THANK YOU FOR THE SOFTWARE.
Nice software helps me to improve my speed.
Ritu Bala
The typing speed makes me feel so good because it increases my capability in this app. I like it very much.
Good Site, helps me improve type speed. Thank you.
This typing is very nice for sure, i really enjoy it, i love this software because it can improve my typing speed.
This is very nice app. This helps in improving typing speed.
Md Nazmul Hasan
Nice software to improve my typing skills. Thanks!
it very comfortable typing app
viahan sharma
I am very young and this really helps me type faster even though I already know how to type but this helps me to type even faster.
Great software it helps me alot
This typing test is actually quite nice for kids' typing traning.
This is very nice app. This helps in improving typing speed.
I have good experience with rapid Typing.
Gautam Jangid
This is actually a very nice typing test to practice your typing aside from Grammarly😂Lol I mean I'm honest that this is one of the greatest and I hope it goes to the top lists one day. 😄
this is cool i love how the stories go in the typing tests and the list of who is first and all that. it's just sometimes confusing of the names in the tests but that's how the tests go.

5 stars. ( but sometimes this is just really confusing.)
the one who got away
Used it in past, probably best free software out there for typing. Can't wait to try it again as I have become very rusty. Last time it took about a month to get proficient doing half hour every night, so get cracking..
My review for Rapidtyping is "Actually Rapidtyping is quite intresting but the levels and all the test is way to boring, I would suggest to make it more levels and much more intersting than now"

"Make it more levels and the story of the test make it more scary or funny"
Jemuel Cheah En Le

RapidTyping reviews

very fantastic this application is developed is such a way that anyone can upgrade their typing skills all the credit goes to the developing team who executed this Rapid typing. thx a ton
This application provides you with the best user experience you can probably get while learning to type. A great app for beginners.
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