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User reviews of RapidTyping

This software is very much useful to improve our typing speed.
Thanks for free rapidtyping,I am happy to learn how type and improve it, But would prefer a downloaded one in my mail.
Thank you and best regards,
It is very useful to the rudiment stage user as well as very helpful to those people who are trying to develop their typing skill and they can enhance their career growth. one second thank u very much to the free rapid typing tutor.
This software is very much useful to improve our typing speed.
this programme is very helpful
ved prakash
Thanks for free rapid for me and I am happy learning type and improve it. best regards papa
Your software is absolutely great... Finally a good program I can use to improve my typing... For real... I'm pleasantly surprised. Now if only a program like this existed for grammar. ^_-
John K
This Program is very nice. In my free time, i use this(Online Typing Software) to improve my Typing Skill.
Thank you very much.
This program is a godsend! I downloaded it a few years ago, and loved it so much! I was able to improve my typing, and have fun while doing so. I sold the computer the program was on, and couldn't remember the name of the program when I got my new laptop. I searched weeks before I could find it again. It was way worth it!
This program is really awesome! now typing without looking at the keyboard has become so much easier! Thanks for the free instructions!!! :)
Elizabeth Furphy
Thanks allot for your free useful software I took advantage so I am able to type by 10 fingers without looking at key board at the preset time.
Very nice program, thank you
Nice software with amazing GUI,so that even the users will not get bored,thanks to developers of this software
suresh g
the program is simply superb ya. i improved my typing speed in two days. i'm loving it .i recommended this program to my friend s who don't know typing.Thanks yaa
This is fantastic way to learn the typing.My typing speed has been increased through this tutor.This is joyful and funny also.
I loved it, thanks for this software.
I like this tutor because it has helped me and with me being a college student, I can now write my papers faster! Thank you rapidtyping.com
Ms. Marrie M.
This is fantastic way to develop or improve the typing skills. I was looking for some program that will help my niece to learn how to type properly. This program has even Bosnian language version. I am very happy that I found it.
Thank you so much i really enjoyed this program and i still using it and it really improving my typing skills
Mahmoud moustafa
I really enjoyed this test I think that doing this will really improve my typing. And I really liked the reviews of how we did. It was really helpful.
Oh yeah,
once more
thanks so much for Indonesian translation,
cz im Indonesian
This program helped me learn how to typer really fast without making mistakes. Thanks!
Thanks, very good stuff.....
I'm really found of this kind of programs,it makes me better time after time !! (And I'm french :p)
Typing has turned out to be a lot more fun since I have started using this website. Thanks for doing such a great job!
I really enjoyed the program and hope this will continue like this free, I can't say forever, but for long time.
Adu Kahsai
'Rapid Typing is the best ever,since i started to this website i feel my speed is keep on increasing day after day.' Thanks So Much!!!!!! .
'i never thought typing could be so easy to learn!thanks for making it free!' I love for typing in the test it full of enjoyable.
i like this website very much it is very cool but i got a problem.
my problem is that it is got just one paragraph to type we can't type allot i wish in this website be different kind of typing.
Its easy and enjoyable. keep it up but you should put all the keyboard letters not only few rows. eg asdf jkl; etc.
i never thought typing could be so easy to learn!thanks for making it free!
It's really cool! I am really enjoying it..
Adnan Khan
it is really useful ... i like it very much ... thanks alot from my heart
I always wanted a typewriter but i never thought it would come in the form of a computer. I never thought i could touch type after a week. Thanks very much.
I hope just hope this software will help me increase me typing speed :P thanks for making it free!
thanks alot for making this website and upload it as free software
god bless you
Pleasant way to learn to type, thanks for making it free
Tool useful not only for newbie, and probably typing speed Competitions will be held someday by rapidtyping.com???
I think its a fun way to learn typing. Since I'm already pretty good at typing this just helps me with my speed. It's very helpful and i thank the person who ever that is that made this Rapid Typing Tutor. Its fun if you love to type and i love to type.
Hi friends I recommend a very good program
Very helpful program! Thank you very much!
It's easy simple to understand. Its very excellent to practice.
The best software i've ever found. It help a lot in my profession. Before that I am very bad in typing but now i am rapidly improving my typing speed. Its a great job. I love. Long live Rapid Typing Tutor Team.
Tahir Naseem
Azad Kashmir (Rawalkot)
Tahir Naseem
It's a very helpful program. Thank you very much!
The best software i've ever found.Before finding Rapid Type i disliked typing 'cause i did not know how to do it fast without making mistakes! Now i am sure it will be useful for everyone like me.I enjoy practicing typing with it!

RapidTyping reviews

very fantastic this application is developed is such a way that anyone can upgrade their typing skills all the credit goes to the developing team who execute this rapid typing ......
Its a legendary application specially for people who are slow in typing. Here we have a competition by the help of "last 10 results" and "champions of the month". I love this app.
Rudransh Lather
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