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User reviews of RapidTyping

cool...i have tried other typing software but this one really cracks me out ...not only me but my students too
'Thanks to Rapid' i am really informing u that this is wonderful software.before i saw this software i don't know typing but now i can challenge to my friends and coworkers about my typing speed this all will go to RAPID and viewers, please use this for your better improvement thank you to all
It's very interesting Software. Really helpful for everyone.
I just found your software and loved it, he's amazing of simplicity and the possibility to change language is great.
This is a really cool site. Really helpful for brushing up on skills or checking your current w/cpm for job searches! Keep the good work up! :)
It's very interesting Software. Really helpful for everyone.....
helpful for school.
Already an awesome application, with lots of potential to make it even better for the educational field for all ages. It can be, especially for the older computer illiterate, an exceptional learning tool. I offer my time and knowledge to help it become even more valuable and promote this application.
I downloaded it in hopes to teach my children to type. Thank you so much for a great piece of software.
It's very interesting software. I am enjoying it very much. It will definitely help being a beginner.
Excellent.. this is a damn good software. Being a beginner this is of great help and it is much more helpful children.
Rapid Typing Tutor is an awesome program-for adults and children alike!! Thumbs up for the RTT team!! It has helped me regain the skills I lost-- due to forgetting which fingers to use for which keys--and a program my children will have infinitely to keep these important skills in this computer-based world!! Thanks a million!!
I really like this program. Its a lot of fun!
I feel this program is very useful. even though I'm still a beginner, it'll help me get better.
thanks typing tutor for this enormous software.
its a pleasure to get in touch with rapid typing i have increased my speed as well as been accurate was again thank you rapid
kate karanja
Excellent software... will recommend to others too. It really works.
typing tutor helped me lot in improving my typing skills and i hope it will help me in my work too. all the best to typing tutor team.
Rapid Typing is really Good.I love this software!
This programe is very nice enjoy the work with this software
thanks typing tutor
Hafiz Shafqat Mehmood
I like this software its very good effort from rapid team, Thanks allot, it increased my typing speed, once again thanks rapid team
I would like to thanks rapid team for this very good software , I'm using it and it increased my typing speed. Once again thanks allot.
Mohammed Sami
I am good in typing, but i downloading this free software for my wife.. she just loves it. She practices every day and it is working for her. She is happy.
Rohit Singh
I think this is a easy way for people who don't know how to type and learn...this program just improves my speed thanks rapid typing!
$horts wifey
I like this rapid typing zone, I'm this program my typing improve, I love this programs, thank you
Thank you for providing this FREE! downloadable typing software. I am preparing for a job interview and typing skills is a plus and part of the job. This program has reawakened my skills and given me the confidence to land the job.
Lorri Miller
hello, i am 45 and i need to pickup speed in typing. I must thankyou for providing me an easy way to learn typing in an enjoyable and relaxed way. thanks alot. It is fun learning to type with your programme. thanks
bharat pandya
It's a great program. I used it for an hour for 6 days and can now use the ten-finger technique. Thank you Rapid Typing :)
Dear sir/madam, I am impressed by the features of your typing software, kindly send me more info/instructions about this program
Hi, i m not too good in typing but this made my typing very awesome now. I'm feeling free about typing. Thanks alot rapid!
I am so bad at typing, but this program allows me to learn to type and have fun at the same time. I love it. Thanks for making it.
this is great thanks for sharing this free ware,,,I think I will be the best typist soon.
typing tutor is a best for all we must learn from this .
Man this is good!! It is nicely animated and the finger demonstration at the bottom helps me a lot. I am an normal typer but this will help me become a professional. Thanks guys!!!
good programme for typing speed. A high improving in typing.
finally I found the best software for typing
hans, my typing speed 210 CMP, accuracy 99%
this is a great program
can any 1 tell me who is the fastest registered on this
This is very good software
Jitender Tejwani
Great typing program. in literally 15 min, I was typing noticeably faster, and with greater accuracy. Thank you very much for this free program. It is suitable for a very basic beginner, right through to the advanced typist. I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to improve their typing skills. Thanks for a great program!
my typing speed is very good, but why add you's list
Amazing software to test your typing skills and to get motivated and keep interest in improving your typing skills,speed and accuracy... Well all I can say is Great Man!!!
Syed Nazeer
Unbelievably, I like this software. Maybe in some time you will have in Lithuania language
it is great fun learning to type. thankyou.
this was fun and might actually help me learn to type
typo queen

RapidTyping reviews

5 stars for you
Really Good
Floretha Tore
I think This is the best typing software in the world!!!
Best typing software . It helped me to improve my typing speed . Loved it and one the scale of 10 I give it 10/10.
this a best app which improve and show my typing intelligence. very very thanks
i think it is helpful app
It is very good app. I like this app
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