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I am a parent who has 3 kids and they just watch tv all the time.I really want to put them in school but I want them to learn how to type.I was looking for a typing website on the computer and i found RapidTyping!I need to thank this website because my kids are learning how to type and they are loving it!Thank you very much RapidTyping for all your help,
now my kids are gonna be one step ahead.RapidTyping has helped me and my kids.Now I will always now know that my kids are going to be very smart!
I have now put them in school,and their teacher says they are amazing! Once again,Thank you very much RapidTyping!
User who loves RapidTyping
hi my name is deisha and well im a student i think that this website is entertaining it is a way of learning how to type but its fun at the same time
I think its a brilliant way to learn how to touch type, and i will gain alot from using it. Thanks
You will forever be my first love. I learnt to type on you.
Pranav Sai
Easy to use, good product
RapidTyping is easy to use, it takes you through the basic lessons quite easily. Even fat fingered hunt peck typists such as myself seem to be able to use it and even learn something.
I'd recommend this to anyone who doesn't know how to type, and even to those of us who would like to think they did.
Fun, nice, and good practice for my computer class.
Easy to use. Full summary on your progress
Hey! this is a very good site. I hope you will give this website a chance. So go and have fun and learn how to type.
hi everybody i don't have plenty of things to say just i want to tell you something. This is a great chance to learn how to type online. It is really magnificent to type online. I feel happy because i finish my typing course so the way to find this method online. It makes eager to practise again have nice time don't waste this great chance thank you everybody because i am citizen of the world
fahari boina mavouna
i love this website its so fun. we play it at computer lab in school to improve our typing . lol. its so fun!
jannell h.
I LOVE RAPID TYPING GAMES!!! My favorite game is the snowman one :) Ive alwayed liked winter games and activity's so i just wanted to tell you guys that I love the games you guys can up with! :)
Cool new interface, nice color scheme, customization, helpful with typing skills,
This product single-handedly took me off of my find-and-peck method of typing and now I can actually type like a normal person. I look at the keyboard far less and am typing a little faster too! This is a great option for those whose typing needs an overhaul and even for those who just a little improvement now and then. Thanks Rapid Typing Tutor!!!
Enjoys now learning typing with Typing Tutor.
Credits for the UI Design.
Very Easy fast, to learn typing with this software
Vivek Ambad
Great way to learn or improve touch typing
My typing skills are improving after using rapid typing tutor. Thank you for all the efforts in bringing such an efficient soft.
Ajay Singh
Very Good method, very practical
Remy Leimena
just started using it but it seems good so far.
It is small but powerful and it is free. I started seeing improvements after the first 10 minutes.
I used other software for typing before and they all work the same way. What I like about this one is the fact that it is a tiny program but packs a big punch.
RapidTyping.com is a life saver all of the games are fun and I find myself learning everytime I type. The games give me an adrenaline rush. So cool
Jane Doe
I like the way it goes through all the letters in each row. It gives you a chance to learn them without really looking at the keyboard. If you're just learning how to type I think it's a good way to learn speed.
Rapid Typing Tutor is easy to use if you want to brush up on your typing skills or simply want to increase your speed. The program is easy to install and run.
I have had a problem with hitting the wrong key sometimes, and thanks to Rapid Typing Tutor I can now practice correcting my keystrokes so that I don't make the same mistakes. I am also steadily building my speed thanks to the program.
Kercelia Fletcher
I found this very helpful for me and soon i hope to be as good as the pros
it was a nice and a very good game for the beginner like students
good site could have better games
Very easy to use, Great for teaching children or computer illiterate people to type. Has onscreen hands that show you which button to push Love it!!
It just needs to have an option to change keyboarding language and lesson view.
How about adding a link for the typing games, online typing test and techniques in the interface (software) (its just a suggestion) :)
Thank you for your prompt answer
Well Done !
Best Regards,
Excellent job, but the version 5 doesn't allow us to change to Arabic typing like the version 4
I'm glad i found this site. I find typing so boring, rapidtyping just came up with a good concept. Cool...
Excellent Everything
Florence Fridia
I love the games on here!!!!!! Cant wait to play them all!!!!!
this site is the bomb.com!! i love me some rapid typing y'all!!!!
This program is amazing having so much fun ;)
Green schools
Thanks for this program and THANKS for free
Daniel Alejandro Gutierrez
I'm from Iran !
this is the best program I have ever used ... thanks alot
Thank you so much. This is a great software to learn how to type.
Thanks again.
Great experience in typing test competition.
Very simple program that actually helps. The exercises are short and easy to run through between other tasks. I didn't think they were actually doing anything but my speed has improved in just a few days with very little time and effort used.
great my son loves it
It is very good typing tutor . I improve my typing speed upto 45 w/min.
it is easy to use and easy to learn.
I am very thank ful it.
It should be also Urdu language to learn inpage. If it is available then please tell me .
Muhammad Sulaiman
My kids and me are very happy with your learning software. It makes typing learning very easy and fun. Thank you very much!!
Jaime Gonzalez moodle administrator
I am 'the Slow Hand' or should that be was? I am finding RapidTyping very beneficial in helping me find my way around the keyboard and adding a bit of speed too. It's only day 2 but the indications are of improvement daily!
The best touch typing tutor. Easy, free and useful. Thanks.

RapidTyping reviews

This program has been very useful for me.
Elso Gonzalez
it is such a nice app. now i write faster than my older sister it is the best
mariyam naved
This is a very nice touch typing software. It is also a good freeware.
It was taught in my school. I learned that time and now it is very helpful.
Saubhagya Dev
This is such an incredible app. It works like a charm.
Bongephiwe Shazi
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