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Fast Typer 2

Word Mountain

Snow Typer

Type Fast

Typing Arcaniod

Fast Typer Game

Albarns Attack

Key Racer

War of the Words

Farm Defender

Magic Spells



Excuses Excuses

Letter Cruncher

Fast Typer 3


Horse Racing Typing

Typing Bean

Fruit Swordman Typing

Lightning Typing

Alpha Drop

Football Typing for Euro 2012

Type Race

Rocket Typing

Keyboard Drag

Typing Speed Biz

Word Reaper Concept

Mon Keyboard


Typing Hero

Snail Invasion Extended

Bitter Boss

Typo Trooper

Key Krusher

Type Hero

30 Sec Alphabet

Speed Typer

Spelling Drill

Typing Defense

Type Timer

Type Tester

ABC Jumpers

Typer Plane

Typo Mania

B Word Challenge


Typing of the Ghosts

DinoKids Trash Typer

Word Frenzy


Lion Typing

Typing Tone

Letters Hunter

Type and groove

Type and relax

Launch Code

Word Grid


Hardest Typing

Cupid Typing

Fireball Typer

Cup Stacking

Titok Jastin Beibeh

Coin Typing

Piano Typing


Balloon Master

Music Typing

Alphabet Attack

Typing Asteroids

Words Trap

Hot Balloon Typing

Touch Typing

Balloon Fun

Keyboard Defender

Sunrise Typer

Typing Jim

Type Rocket

Bubbles Typing Game

The Essay

Fruits Typing

Valentines Typing


Super Key Fireworks

Typing Defenses

Rocket Type Deluxe

Learn the Alphabet

Green Typist


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Hello... Thank You for this software. it helped & helping me A LOT . THANK YOU.
Mr. Nobody
I turned the volume off because the clicking when pressing the shift keys did my head in. Apart from that, thank you for this excellent software.
Martin Wood
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