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RapidTyping Release Notes

The Rapid Typing release is available in 24 languages; however, the release notes are only in English and we can only accept feedback in English at this time.

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What's New in RapidTyping 5 Beta

Edition of 30 March 2015, version 5.0.101

  • Finnish courses added
  • English courses updated
  • Chinese, Chinese-Taiwan, French, Polish, Portuguese-Brazil, Spanish, German and Turkish interface language added
  • bug fixing

Edition of 3 February 2015, version 5.0.99

  • Results window improved
  • new statistics parameter: Done
  • multi-column context menu for choose current lesson
  • working with properties of the lesson improved in the Lesson Editor
  • Kurdish interface language added
  • English, Greek, Hungarian Help files updated, Russian Help added

Edition of 10 December 2014


  • export the student/group statistics, in PDF, HTML, XML, CSV formats
  • new statistics parameter: Net Speed
  • new statistics parameters: Fixed words, Fixed characters
  • coloring in table the good/bad results

Lesson Editor

  • new course options: lesson duration
  • new course options: the end of the lesson
  • new course options: at the close application

Command line

  • new command: import students in XML format
  • new command: export student statistics in PDF, HTML, XML, CSV formats

Edition of 25 August 2013

Current lesson

  • speed and accuracy for current lesson in real time
  • remaining and elapsed lesson time
  • passed lessons marked in the Lesson menu
  • support for multi-language lessons
  • support for laptop keyboards

Student list

  • added support for student groups
  • different courses assigned to different student groups
  • student password
  • student statistics from teacher's computer( or system administrator )
  • now, convenient to add big number of students
  • import/export the student/group statistics


  • overall lesson rate added;
  • statistics for each symbol/key ( speed, error, time-out ) typed added
  • statistics for keystrokes added ( includes the system keys type: Shift, Alt, BackSpace, repeated error keystrokes )
  • preview the course, lesson and char/key statistics together

Lesson Editor

  • undo/redo for course edit
  • split lesson by character, words, sentence, paragraph
  • import/export lesson course( including course options )
  • new course option: customise definitions of good/bad results
  • new course option: customise metronome options
  • new course option: show/hide metronome
  • new course option: show/hide the Result window in the final lesson
  • new course option: show/hide the lesson text highlight
  • new course option: enable/disable the BackSpace key


  • English courses updated
  • Greek courses updated
  • French courses added
  • Hungarian courses added
  • Netherlands courses added
  • Introduction and Beginner courses are enabled for all languages
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Thank you, typing tutor.

Gaurav Kumar Prajapat
Jun 30, 2015

its really good website....
thumbs up 4 it ;D

Jun 30, 2015

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