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NameDate, TimeDuration (s)Accuracy (%)WPMCPM
Typist30 Jun,08:57150642086
Typist30 Jun,08:48145936172
Typist30 Jun,08:451729931145
A. Kaifa Dunor, Sr.30 Jun,08:4441115417
Typist30 Jun,08:433110052218
Typist30 Jun,08:423410047199
Typist30 Jun,08:42373944187
Typist30 Jun,08:342810058243
Typist30 Jun,08:26429939164
Divya Madhuri.B30 Jun,08:2413710039183
Random guy somewhere on t30 Jun,08:171171001372
Divya Madhuri.B30 Jun,08:121673932150
Rovoaries30 Jun,08:0012310026112
Typist30 Jun,08:0095411772
Rovoaries30 Jun,07:56679924102
Typist30 Jun,07:49635626109
Typist30 Jun,07:46508027163
Typist30 Jun,07:433310049208
Typist30 Jun,07:42339850209
Typist30 Jun,07:41412640167
Typist30 Jun,07:2178812187
Shanise M. Richardson30 Jun,07:187810042176
Typist30 Jun,07:16858338161
Typist30 Jun,07:134410037157
Typist30 Jun,07:09459936152
Typist30 Jun,07:033210051215
Typist30 Jun,07:03389943180
hanumant30 Jun,06:53603927113
Typist30 Jun,06:5178422188


NameDate, TimeDuration (s)Accuracy (%)WPMCPM
Fast & Furious23 Nov,01:0032100166739
Fast & Furious23 Nov,01:0032100166739
My Name Is ...23 Nov,01:1032100165738
Fast & Furious23 Nov,01:0132100165738
Fast & Furious23 Nov,00:5832100165738
Fast & Furious23 Nov,00:5832100166738
Typing Champ23 Nov,01:1732100166738
Beat Me!!!23 Nov,01:0832100165738
Typing Champ23 Nov,01:1132100165737
Fast & Furious23 Nov,00:5732100165737

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this is the best typing test

chandraprakash kumar
Mar 08, 2016

this game is really fun and good to learn do you think it is fun text me on hear if you like this game bye.

Mar 03, 2016

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