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NameDate, TimeDuration (s)Accuracy (%)WPMCPM
Typist27 Aug,19:2551032134
Typist27 Aug,19:194810085387
Typist27 Aug,19:18436893429
Typist27 Aug,19:1730100109459
brandon salerno27 Aug,19:03314353222
brandon salerno27 Aug,19:02643925107
Finn27 Aug,18:5880982086
Typist27 Aug,18:573206521
Lana 27 Aug,18:56419940167
Typist27 Aug,18:525210031132
Typist27 Aug,18:525210031132
Typist27 Aug,18:52459936153
Typist27 Aug,18:4976472190
Typist MJM27 Aug,18:48651925105
Typist27 Aug,18:48679224103
Typist27 Aug,18:4887861979
Typist27 Aug,18:48519932135
Typist27 Aug,18:47517331133


NameDate, TimeDuration (s)Accuracy (%)WPMCPM
Fast & Furious23 Nov,01:0032100166739
Fast & Furious23 Nov,01:0032100166739
Fast & Furious23 Nov,01:0132100165738
My Name Is ...23 Nov,01:1032100165738
Fast & Furious23 Nov,00:5832100165738
Fast & Furious23 Nov,00:5832100166738
Beat Me!!!23 Nov,01:0832100165738
Typing Champ23 Nov,01:1732100166738
Typing Champ23 Nov,01:1132100165737
Fast & Furious23 Nov,00:5732100165737

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Jul 22, 2015

this website is so awesome with really cool games

Jul 21, 2015

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