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NameDate, TimeDuration (s)Accuracy (%)WPMCPM
Elise24 Jul,16:38638586383
Typist24 Jul,16:3660427114
Typist24 Jul,16:35409841173
Typist24 Jul,16:33439938160
Typist24 Jul,16:33599727116
Typist24 Jul,16:282910057240
Typist24 Jul,16:2840640170
Typist24 Jul,16:27689924100
Typist24 Jul,16:26429939164
Typist24 Jul,16:2576982190
Typist24 Jul,16:23649725106
Typist24 Jul,16:21419940167
Typist24 Jul,16:16479934145
Typist24 Jul,16:13449937154
Rosemary24 Jul,16:04363745191
Typist24 Jul,15:56582428117
Typist24 Jul,15:4816310033148
Typist24 Jul,15:48478234146
Typist24 Jul,15:4743991257
Typist24 Jul,15:47461135147
Typist24 Jul,15:455810028118
Typist24 Jul,15:37369745190
khan24 Jul,15:376810024101
Typist24 Jul,15:3617299940
GANESAN S24 Jul,15:19283759248
GANESAN S24 Jul,15:193110053224
GANESAN S24 Jul,15:183710044186
GANESAN S24 Jul,15:182510064271
GANESAN S24 Jul,15:172810057241
VL24 Jul,15:064010041172
Typist24 Jul,15:04103281667
Typist24 Jul,14:34102451884
Typist24 Jul,14:32249966280
Typist24 Jul,14:31841002397
Jordan24 Jul,14:30126991354
Typist24 Jul,14:2931319426
Typist24 Jul,14:2989971795
Typist24 Jul,14:281701001046
Typist24 Jul,14:27250100731
Typist24 Jul,14:27995620100
Typist24 Jul,14:26991001669
Typist24 Jul,14:2594791486
Typist24 Jul,14:2519196941
Typist24 Jul,14:241071001276
Typist24 Jul,14:23372100422
Typist24 Jul,14:2319004014
Typist24 Jul,14:22668925104
Typist24 Jul,14:21160721149


NameDate, TimeDuration (s)Accuracy (%)WPMCPM
Fast & Furious23 Nov,01:0032100166739
Fast & Furious23 Nov,01:0032100166739
Beat Me!!!23 Nov,01:0832100165738
Typing Champ23 Nov,01:1732100166738
Fast & Furious23 Nov,00:5832100166738
Fast & Furious23 Nov,00:5832100165738
My Name Is ...23 Nov,01:1032100165738
Fast & Furious23 Nov,01:0132100165738
Fast & Furious23 Nov,00:5732100165737
Typing Champ23 Nov,01:1132100165737

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It's very useful and a must-have piece of software. So glad I found this superb Typing Tutor. The good thing of this it's 100% freeware. Best of best..

Thanks in a million..

Jul 23, 2014

its nice to know how your speed in typing, the accuracy and the "(^-^)".

a nice site with different kind of tools in molding your typing skill.

Jul 22, 2014

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