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RapidTyping Release Notes

The Rapid Typing release is available in 24 languages; however, the release notes are only in English and we can only accept feedback in English at this time.

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What's New in RapidTyping 4.6.5

Edition of 2 August 2012

- The problems with Bold font, on some non-English version of Windows, is fixed

- The tabulation symbols is shown always in the lesson

- English course for experts updated

- Greek course for experts updated( tabulation symbols added ); thanks to

- German, Greek and Russian interface language updated

- Other minor bugs fixed

What's New in RapidTyping 4.6.4

Edition of 22 July 2012

- Lesson rendering engine improved

- Keyboard rendering engine improved

- Non-rectangular keys on the virtual keyboard fixed

- Visual bugs on some video-cards fixed

- Options section improved

- Other minor bugs fixed

What's New in RapidTyping 4.6.3

Edition of 1 July 2012

- Metronome improved ( strongly depend on the experience of users );

- Lesson Mode "Requires the right character type": Pressing BACKSPACE deletes only the last error ( without moving cursor );

- The button-link to the "Typing Games" page( "About" dialog box ) added;

- "Right-hand" finger scheme fixed; thanks to Wim De Backer,

- Visual bugs on some video-cards fixed;

- The English-USA interface language added;

- Other minor bugs fixed;

What's New in RapidTyping 4.6.2

Edition of 23 May 2012

- New version of the RapidTyping Manual is added.

- Farsi interface language updated.

- Other minor bugs fixed;

What's New in RapidTyping 4.6.1

Edition of 29 April 2011

Typing test:

- Expert courses are available for the following keyboard layouts:

- Arabic ASDF Eastern with Arabic-Indic digits;

- German (Dvorak Type)

- German (NEO)

- German (de_ergo)

- German (Latin1 without dead keys)

- Greek (220)

- Greek (220)

- Greek (319

- Greek (220) Latin

- Greek (319) Latin

- Greek Latin

- Greek Polytonic

- Russian (Typewriter);

- US English Table for IBM Arabic 238_L;


- Latvian interface language added; thanks to Anete

- other minor bugs fixed;

What's New in RapidTyping 4.6

Edition of 12 April 2011

Typing test:

- BiDi algorithm added( full support Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, Sanskrit, Khmer, Thai and other languages );

- in current version the real font can be chosen for lesson;

- bug for missed space character at the end of the line( in Multi-edit mode ) fixed;

- Arabic beginner and expert typing course updated. ( requires lesson reinstall ) thanks to Ibrahim Saed

- English expert typing course updated. ( requires lesson reinstall )

Lesson editor:

- splitter between lesson text and lesson characters window added;

- font size scale added;

- "Show/Hide keyboard"(F9) hotkey added;

Virtual keyboard:

- scaling on wide-screen monitors improved;


- Windows 2000 compatibility restored;

- RapidTyping news buttons for Google+, Facebook, Twitter added; ( under "About" )

- saving splitter position added;

- Arabic interface language updated; thanks to Ibrahim Saed

- Greek interface language updated; thanks to

- other minor bugs fixed;

What's New in RapidTyping 4.5

Edition of 1 February 2011

Typing Test View:

- auto-wrap feature added;

- tabulation support added;

- line break support added;

- special marks (including Tab, Line Break, Space) improved(smoother, scaling);

- special marks for right-to-left languages inverted;

Typing lesson editing:

- import lesson text in .rtf format feature added;

- insert line break and tabulation lesson feature added;

- when inserting text into lesson the check symbols on keyboard have been added;

- the "New Lesson - (#)" label added by default to "New Lesson" dialog;

- lesson editing or selecting fast reaction on virtual keyboard and lesson property added;

- when you type a character in lesson the letter is shown immediately on virtual keyboard and the property table updates immediately;

- support for lesson size up to 4Gb added;

Virtual keyboard:

- translation control keys added;

- auto-wrap of long control keys' names (ex. Num Lock) added;

Typing Lessons:

- English expert typing course updated. Tabulation and line break marks added. (requires lesson reinstall)

- Russian expert typing course updated. Tabulation and line break marks added. (requires lesson reinstall)

Interface Translation:

- French language updated (thanks to Marianne Souchon);

- Greek language updated (thanks to;

- Chinese Traditional language updated (thanks to Robert Lee);

- German language updated (thanks to Matthias Eller);

- Russian language updated (thanks to Tatiana Belous);


- when choosing to continue the lesson with "No requirements" selected, the key is now highlighted, after making mistake a correctly;

What's New in RapidTyping 4.4

Edition of 24 December 2011

Typing lesson editing:

- Drag & Drop function for lesson list editor added;

- context menu in Lesson Editor added;

- Cut, Copy and Paste functions in context menu in Lesson Editor added;

Virtual keyboard:

- touch screen support added;

- keys under cursor( or finger in touchscreen mode ) now highlighted;

- new highlight toggle feature for Control key(Shift, Ctrl, Alt) added;

Typing test report:

- percentage ratio of errors for wrong letters typed for the whole lesson is shown;

Interface translation:

- Traditional Chinese interface language updated; (thanks to Robert Lee)

- Greek interface language updated; (thanks to

- Russian interface language updated; (thanks to Tatiana Belous)


- arranging the application titlebar for right-to-left languages;

- refreshing the application titlebar after interface language changed;

- other minor bugs fixed;

What's New in RapidTyping 4.3

Edition of 30 November 2011

- delay with selecting statistics cells for large statistics reports fixed;

- keys can be highlighted individually in statistics view (lesson tab);

- confirmation box for removing selected lesson(s) added;

- saving (multi)selection in statistics view (course/ lesson tabs) added;

- inversion of selection in statistics view added;

- all error keys can be highlighted using Ctrl+A in statistics view;

- double-click to lesson statistics cells to show lesson letters table;

- bottom panel in statistics view and editor view reduced;

- lesson text color enhanced;

- bug with last selected item in editor view fixed;

- background music bug fixed;

- button focus bug fixed;

- removing first lesson bug fixed;

- other minor bugs fixed;

What's New in RapidTyping 4.2

Edition of 13 November 2011

- new Greek lesson course added; ( thanks to GeoGeo )

- support for 680x420 screens added;

- support screen rotation added;

- "blank" lesson background added;

- word count in lesson editor added;

- "show/ hide keyboard" option on the user level page moved;

- delay with loading the course, using older video cards on Windows 7 fixed;

- when Task Bar in different positions ( left, right, or top of screen ), "minimize/maximize" bug fixed;

- splitter bug for maximized window fixed;

- other minor bugs fixed;

What's New in RapidTyping 4.1

Edition of 15 August 2011

- Windows Themes support ( the contrast schemes, big fonts, not-system fonts ) added;

- finger scheme for Anti-RSI layout ( Two hands #5 ) added; (thanks to Robert Boari)

- customizing of the statistics parameters in the Results dialog box added;

- common application performance improved;

- some user interface improvements;

- bug with Greek accents fixed; (thanks to Sotiris Theodosopoulos)

- some minor bugs fixed;

What's new in RapidTyping 4.0

Edition of 9 May 2011

- multi-line support added;

- support of the Alt+Shift+key added;

- running speed (including running on LAN and Flash card) improved;

- user interface improved;

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