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RapidTyping Release Notes

The Rapid Typing release is available in 24 languages; however, the release notes are only in English and we can only accept feedback in English at this time.

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What's New in RapidTyping 4.6.5

Edition of 2 August 2012

- The problems with Bold font, on some non-English version of Windows, is fixed

- The tabulation symbols is shown always in the lesson

- English course for experts updated

- Greek course for experts updated( tabulation symbols added ); thanks to

- German, Greek and Russian interface language updated

- Other minor bugs fixed

What's New in RapidTyping 4.6.4

Edition of 22 July 2012

- Lesson rendering engine improved

- Keyboard rendering engine improved

- Non-rectangular keys on the virtual keyboard fixed

- Visual bugs on some video-cards fixed

- Options section improved

- Other minor bugs fixed

What's New in RapidTyping 4.6.3

Edition of 1 July 2012

- Metronome improved ( strongly depend on the experience of users );

- Lesson Mode "Requires the right character type": Pressing BACKSPACE deletes only the last error ( without moving cursor );

- The button-link to the "Typing Games" page( "About" dialog box ) added;

- "Right-hand" finger scheme fixed; thanks to Wim De Backer,

- Visual bugs on some video-cards fixed;

- The English-USA interface language added;

- Other minor bugs fixed;

What's New in RapidTyping 4.6.2

Edition of 23 May 2012

- New version of the RapidTyping Manual is added.

- Farsi interface language updated.

- Other minor bugs fixed;

What's New in RapidTyping 4.6.1

Edition of 29 April 2011

Typing test:

- Expert courses are available for the following keyboard layouts:

- Arabic ASDF Eastern with Arabic-Indic digits;

- German (Dvorak Type)

- German (NEO)

- German (de_ergo)

- German (Latin1 without dead keys)

- Greek (220)

- Greek (220)

- Greek (319

- Greek (220) Latin

- Greek (319) Latin

- Greek Latin

- Greek Polytonic

- Russian (Typewriter);

- US English Table for IBM Arabic 238_L;


- Latvian interface language added; thanks to Anete

- other minor bugs fixed;

What's New in RapidTyping 4.6

Edition of 12 April 2011

Typing test:

- BiDi algorithm added( full support Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, Sanskrit, Khmer, Thai and other languages );

- in current version the real font can be chosen for lesson;

- bug for missed space character at the end of the line( in Multi-edit mode ) fixed;

- Arabic beginner and expert typing course updated. ( requires lesson reinstall ) thanks to Ibrahim Saed

- English expert typing course updated. ( requires lesson reinstall )

Lesson editor:

- splitter between lesson text and lesson characters window added;

- font size scale added;

- "Show/Hide keyboard"(F9) hotkey added;

Virtual keyboard:

- scaling on wide-screen monitors improved;


- Windows 2000 compatibility restored;

- RapidTyping news buttons for Google+, Facebook, Twitter added; ( under "About" )

- saving splitter position added;

- Arabic interface language updated; thanks to Ibrahim Saed

- Greek interface language updated; thanks to

- other minor bugs fixed;

What's New in RapidTyping 4.5

Edition of 1 February 2011

Typing Test View:

- auto-wrap feature added;

- tabulation support added;

- line break support added;

- special marks (including Tab, Line Break, Space) improved(smoother, scaling);

- special marks for right-to-left languages inverted;

Typing lesson editing:

- import lesson text in .rtf format feature added;

- insert line break and tabulation lesson feature added;

- when inserting text into lesson the check symbols on keyboard have been added;

- the "New Lesson - (#)" label added by default to "New Lesson" dialog;

- lesson editing or selecting fast reaction on virtual keyboard and lesson property added;

- when you type a character in lesson the letter is shown immediately on virtual keyboard and the property table updates immediately;

- support for lesson size up to 4Gb added;

Virtual keyboard:

- translation control keys added;

- auto-wrap of long control keys' names (ex. Num Lock) added;

Typing Lessons:

- English expert typing course updated. Tabulation and line break marks added. (requires lesson reinstall)

- Russian expert typing course updated. Tabulation and line break marks added. (requires lesson reinstall)

Interface Translation:

- French language updated (thanks to Marianne Souchon);

- Greek language updated (thanks to;

- Chinese Traditional language updated (thanks to Robert Lee);

- German language updated (thanks to Matthias Eller);

- Russian language updated (thanks to Tatiana Belous);


- when choosing to continue the lesson with "No requirements" selected, the key is now highlighted, after making mistake a correctly;

What's New in RapidTyping 4.4

Edition of 24 December 2011

Typing lesson editing:

- Drag & Drop function for lesson list editor added;

- context menu in Lesson Editor added;

- Cut, Copy and Paste functions in context menu in Lesson Editor added;

Virtual keyboard:

- touch screen support added;

- keys under cursor( or finger in touchscreen mode ) now highlighted;

- new highlight toggle feature for Control key(Shift, Ctrl, Alt) added;

Typing test report:

- percentage ratio of errors for wrong letters typed for the whole lesson is shown;

Interface translation:

- Traditional Chinese interface language updated; (thanks to Robert Lee)

- Greek interface language updated; (thanks to

- Russian interface language updated; (thanks to Tatiana Belous)


- arranging the application titlebar for right-to-left languages;

- refreshing the application titlebar after interface language changed;

- other minor bugs fixed;

What's New in RapidTyping 4.3

Edition of 30 November 2011

- delay with selecting statistics cells for large statistics reports fixed;

- keys can be highlighted individually in statistics view (lesson tab);

- confirmation box for removing selected lesson(s) added;

- saving (multi)selection in statistics view (course/ lesson tabs) added;

- inversion of selection in statistics view added;

- all error keys can be highlighted using Ctrl+A in statistics view;

- double-click to lesson statistics cells to show lesson letters table;

- bottom panel in statistics view and editor view reduced;

- lesson text color enhanced;

- bug with last selected item in editor view fixed;

- background music bug fixed;

- button focus bug fixed;

- removing first lesson bug fixed;

- other minor bugs fixed;

What's New in RapidTyping 4.2

Edition of 13 November 2011

- new Greek lesson course added; ( thanks to GeoGeo )

- support for 680x420 screens added;

- support screen rotation added;

- "blank" lesson background added;

- word count in lesson editor added;

- "show/ hide keyboard" option on the user level page moved;

- delay with loading the course, using older video cards on Windows 7 fixed;

- when Task Bar in different positions ( left, right, or top of screen ), "minimize/maximize" bug fixed;

- splitter bug for maximized window fixed;

- other minor bugs fixed;

What's New in RapidTyping 4.1

Edition of 15 August 2011

- Windows Themes support ( the contrast schemes, big fonts, not-system fonts ) added;

- finger scheme for Anti-RSI layout ( Two hands #5 ) added; (thanks to Robert Boari)

- customizing of the statistics parameters in the Results dialog box added;

- common application performance improved;

- some user interface improvements;

- bug with Greek accents fixed; (thanks to Sotiris Theodosopoulos)

- some minor bugs fixed;

What's new in RapidTyping 4.0

Edition of 9 May 2011

- multi-line support added;

- support of the Alt+Shift+key added;

- running speed (including running on LAN and Flash card) improved;

- user interface improved;

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Rapid typing tutor is very best and helpful to me. It increases my speed in typing.
The online test is also helpful. It is very useful software.


very good software from beginners to advanced ones thanx for making it a freeware


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