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User Reviews of RapidTyping

Read and write user reviews for the RapidTyping software

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I used to get on this site as a 7th grader and I am now in 11th grade and it has helped me in wonders... I love Rapid Typing!!!

Rebeca Brand

Well, I guess its good enough, it could use some improvement though.


Rapid typing is the best Typing tutor i ever used
It is easy to use and the best thing it support arabic

Dr / Hesham Mohamed

rapid typing is the best way to type faster


It's a decent piece of software. But as a student, I'd suggest putting better and more efficient lessons.

Chinmaya Nagpal

very very thank you
this is the powerful application

and I hope rapidtyping software can support hanggeul presently

Key feature missing from other apps I've tried is the enforcement of backspace to correct errors. Absolutely made up with how this one does that and bring 'real world' to training.


I really enjoy the website, but the games took a while to load, for me, at least. Other than that, the games are really fun!!!! :)

Grace Cole

This software is well designed and has improved by touch typing skills immensely

Jodie R

Nice software website, I really learn typing well from Rapid Typing. Thank You for making a beautiful software. I am really grateful to every one who made this software. Keep doing good things, God Always bless You, All the Best.


I just love it. It works so well, as well as being fun. THANK YOU!

Captain Skittles

Rapid typing is the best website to learn how to type and how to type faster


This is one of the most amazing flexible user friendly typing programs I have used thank you very much.


This really is a great tutor. My hand does not stop when once i start it.


thank you for making my typing speed faster.


I love RapidTyping! The only complaint I have is that it doesn't reset to Basic Lesson 1 each time the program is restarted. Keep up the good work! Thanks!


I don't really understand typing and I need help with my speed so that I can get things done faster. That is why I want to see if this website can help me. Thank you.


thank you very much. it is good technique


Thank you very much for this. It has been quite useful.


thanks for your Great Program:D thumbs up!

The One

absolutely insane awesome keeps me occupied in typing exams? :)


Rapid typing is Awesome and Cool For me..:)


rapid typing is super cool and super fun;)


this bloon game is awsome and i have never played a better game i would encourage everyone to play it



This website has helped me a lot in typing. My typing speed was 50 wpm, no its 150 wpm. Thank you.


This is the good S/W for typing.

Sheelendra Kumar

I love this Rapid Typing. It has helped me to improve my typing speed and accuracy. Highly recommended. 5 stars


This website taught my kids to type PERFECT! THANKS RAPID TYPING!


This is very useful to people who don't know to type.


this website made learning to type faster, well, faster!Anyone who finds Mavis Beacon or Dance Mat typing boring will defiantly find this website more than fun.


Rapid Typing is an amazing piece of software! The ability to touch type is a skill worth mastering. Rapid Typing is taking me from an absolute beginner to a proficient (but not yet perfect) typist in an enjoyable, stimulating and encouraging way. Many thanks to all the team who have developed and maintain Rapid Typing. The whole website is worthy of high praise and I urge everyone to visit it....often!!!

Edward Romdot

Best typing software I have ever used.


Mind blowing Software for those who want to type without seeing the key board.


Dear Mr./Mrs.

I am very happy about your software which teaches you how to type with ten fingers! It is very easy to understand and fun but something accrued which was quite frustrating because I did not know how to tackle it. Greek letters started to accrue mixed within the English letters. It was still in the introduction. I would very much appreciate a clear explication on how to tackle the problem so I can continue to use it.
Kind regards Laila


Excellent.This software is best for beginners.


This really helps me at work. Really does help me with my typing!!


Thank you for being a great program


I think it is the most amazing site and also it is very entertaining. I would tell the whole world to try this because it is cool. I love it I give you guys a thumbs up. Best wishes for you (guys that made this website) LOVE Kathy Lawsn.

Kathy lawsn

the website helps but it is not fun so if they make it more interesting more kids will go on it and get better but some games are getting there


i think it great that this website has such a great game on it!!!!!
keep up the good work :D


i like user reviews of rapidtyping because it is important for me.


Really very usefully software for guys who cannot type keyboard properly i improved a lot thanks for providing this for free


I tryed to do tests how fast I can.I learned many things on this website.


I'm a kid and since I'm learning how to type on this website, I'm improving very well.


Rapid typing is a great website for me and my dad. I am actually typing super fast! Thanks rapid typing!!!

Cody Brulseo

this is very fun it taught me to type for my state test.


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RapidTyping Reviews

Rapid typing tutor is very best and helpful to me. It increases my speed in typing.
The online test is also helpful. It is very useful software.


very good software from beginners to advanced ones thanx for making it a freeware


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