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thanks for this rapid typing free download, i have learned so much from this, it really enhances my typing skills.Thank you very much!


I'm downloaded this program to my computer 3 month ago. And this program is good. Before I'm also downloaded other program like to teach typing but I dislike. But "Rapid Typing" - is learned me to type fast. Ooo yes I remembered how I learned to type before know first step to learn to type for me was a very difficult but I wanted to write in a keyboard like a fast. Yes my dream came true.
Thank you who created this program.
with respect Bektursun from Kyrgyzstan.


This is a very good technique that helps and it is fun to. #COOL


I have learned a lot from this typing website, the only thing I think that needs improvement is teaching how to type the keys, and how to click the right keys. Other than that its pretty amazing.


My mother is learning to type with the Typing Tutor. Thank you very much for sharing free. Blessings.


I really like this website. It has really helped my typing skills.
Thanks for making this website,



I used to hate typing, since my computer teacher said that typing was important. Without this site, I probably wouldn't be the best at typing in my class. Thank you so much whoever made up this website!!


I love this program. I think that whoever made it was brilliant, and had the mind of a genius. It also amazes me that it is 100% free! It has improved my typing skills a lot! Thanks a ton!


Whoever is making this deserves some serious kudos, you rock!

Seriously this is my favorite typing program, it is very well done and amazing that it is completely free to use.

I especially like the customization options and the ability to create lessons. The only criticism I have is that the course options are not intuitive to find. A link to them under the options drop down would be awesome.


Rapid typing is an awesome way to get expert in computer typing.

Sumit Bhat

It is hard to type fast so that is why i needed to type fast for my project's they gave me so I practiced how to type faster and get my work done and always have a really really really really good day all the time now

Angelina Mora-Villa

true and trusted way to learn speedy typing




Very good software typing technique champions and typing tutor.


It has been long time ago I used Rapid Typing for the first time to improve my typing skill, if I am not mistake in 2010. I improved a lot since use it. That's was great software I ever used and big thanks to Rapid Typing teams because you all let us use this software freely. Thank you so much!

Tie Fatimah

Rapid typing is the best typing software. It grows my typing speed. Thanks Rapid Typing.

Md abir

RapidTyping has helped me increase my typing speed. Great software. Thanks!

Ebenezer Odoi


Your tips and software are very cool. These helping me very much learning typing

Muktadir Rahman

Thanks rapidtyping, this is a great software that teaches great typing with great UI. The online typing test allows you to check wpm anytime, anywhere and the games are really fun to play. another good extra is the multiple keyboards support, and the ability to create your own typing lessons.

Evan T.

Thanks for your great tool! Within a short time I could really improve, technique, speed and precision - at the moment I average on 50 WPM, getting better gradually.

Especially cool the function to import all sorts of texts, so learning some extra stuff all at once. Keep up the good work! I guess I'll also give some of your other software a try!

Marlon Suson-Solleske

Thanks, this website is really helpful. Increased my typing speed a lot. Though I think the stories in the expert level should be a little more interesting or entertaining

Ronaldo Desouza


This has really improved my typing speed (by 20%). More than that, it has improved my typing accuracy.

Quite entertaining, too!


Manoj Prasad

My daughter is 7 and plays vidoe games. If she can do that...she can learn to type... She's doing a great job with the help of Typing Tutor. Thanks!


Awesome website to learn "Typing" Must Recommend to all users....!!
Thank U very Much......!!

Chandan kumar

i think that your website is excellent for training people to type. love the games as they really train your hands as well as your brain


I think your program is as good as it can get. I have used it for about two weeks on and off and I can see a big difference in my typing already.

Thank You

Paul Doxey

Paul Doxey

this is a very fun and creative way to help me learn

Savannah T

It's good if has Lao option I all so use the program for teaching my students for typing our language and also English with my class



I would definitely advice you download this software. It help you in a great manner to improve your typing skills. All the best!


It is very good typing tutor . I improve my typind speed upto 45 w/min.
it is easy to use and easy to learn.
I am very thank ful it.


The new version is even more awesome; fantastic work. The children at my school love this program. Thank you so much for creating and sharing it


The most important part of learning how to type is understanding which finger to use for each letter. Following those rules allows for greater speed and a dramatic increase in words-per-minute. The reason the Typing Tutor is such effective teaching software is because it displays the virtual keyboard and hands at the bottom of the screen, and for each letter, it teaches the student which finger to use.

Rakesh Mehra

Rapid Typing is amazing! I went from 40 to 45 wpm by just playing games and tutoring every day!

Monica Prather

Ok I found this site and my typing was 23wpm and ive been playing this for 2 months now and I know have 132wpm isn't that awesome please help all of you people who cant type and and once again

Thank You,Hudson


I was really looking one for my self and tried some. This is the simplest so far, my kids love then and they have no problem using it.

Thanks for making this free ware and more power to you.


Aye you guys. Rapid typing is helping me on my grammar. I luh rapid typing. I think that everyone should get on rapid typing cuz it's amazing


It's a very good software. it developes my typing skill.
It would be great if the software has bahasa indonesia course. please make bahasa indonesia course.


its a wonderful software for learning !!!

Siju Mathews

rapid typing is so much fun. it helped me type so much faster!!!

country girl

its a good tutor, i like it, it helps us much


If I rated this out of 5 stars, I'd rate 4.3.


Great programs to practice one-handed layouts.


I love this site it helps me type so much faster and better!!! :) :o oh ah

poop face

Hey guys! Rapid typing is awesome!! lol! have funnnnnnn

Ben Dover

I love this more than anything!>!>!>!

Heston Williams

I love this site it helps me type so much better and faster!!! :)

Catelin J

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RapidTyping Reviews

Rapid typing tutor is very best and helpful to me. It increases my speed in typing.
The online test is also helpful. It is very useful software.


very good software from beginners to advanced ones thanx for making it a freeware


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