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Typing Tutor User's Manual.

This chapter describes the shortcuts of Typing Tutor.

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This table lists keyboard shortcuts that you can use with RapidTyping.

AllHelpF1Open 'Help'
LessonF2Show Current Lesson
StatisticsF3Show Course Statistics
Lesson EditorF4Show Lesson Editor
PauseF5Start/Pause Current Lesson
To BeginningF7Go to beginning of current lesson
KeyboardF9Show/Hide Virtual Keyboard
AboutCtrl+IOpen 'About'
OptionsCtrl+OOpen 'Options'
StatisticsSpeed StatisticsCtrl+1Show Speed Statistics
Error StatisticsCtrl+2Show Error Statistics
Time StatisticsCtrl+3Show Time Statistics
Next DiagramLeftShow Next Diagram
Prev DiagramRightShow Previous Diagram
Next Diagram PointDownSelect Next Diagram Point
Prev Diagram PointUpSelect Previous Diagram Point
Delete Diagram PointDeleteDelete Selected Diagram Point
LessonsCreate LessonCtrl+NCreate New Lesson
Delete LessonDeleteDelete Current Lesson
Activate LessonSpaceActivate Current Lesson
Switch to Lesson EditorCtrl+QSwitch To Lesson Editor
Lesson EditorSave LessonCtrl+SSave Current Lesson
Insert LessonCtrl+OInsert Lesson from File
Switch To Lesson ListCtrl+QSwitch To Lesson List

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this is the best typing test

chandraprakash kumar
Mar 08, 2016

this game is really fun and good to learn do you think it is fun text me on hear if you like this game bye.

Mar 03, 2016

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