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User Reviews of RapidTyping

Read and write user reviews for the RapidTyping software

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it is good software but why u r giving it free of cost


The virtual keyboard showing fingers position should be visible by default, otherwise users may think that there is no virtual keyboard and find your software useless.


I love this program. It made my typing speed double than it was when I started using it.
I would like to thank you all.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anja Kolobaric

Great for me and my kids. Thank you for making this freeware.
I wish though that there is an option for capital keyboard letters and animated background opacity control


Thank you for a great software!

Jonas Hammare

I am very pleased by this software. My 65 year old grandmother is learning to type and this is the best product by far


The new version ( is even more awesome; fantastic work. The children at my school love this program. Thank you so much for creating and sharing it.


This is the best of the best soft in the net & your site is beautiful too.
Thank you!


I am eager to learn typing but cannot to afford to spend money

sushil sachdeva

This is the best typing utiliity I have used to date. I even like it better Mavis Beacon 4.0 (the only version I have used to be fair). Thanks for being so generous and sharing this with the public.


Excellent typing techniques way to learn fast and easy.Congratulations!!for your nice program.Thank you


Man, I just started playing with after downloading 2 weeks ago.Exactly what I need to get some 'normal' typing techniques. Gone with the 2 index fingers. My resolution. 18 years as a software engineer and I think it's time to learn again what I forgot in since HS typing class. Thanks!!!

Jack Flynn

Very nice. I use it and so do my kids. The animation makes it less intimidating and more like a game. Thank you.


Much better than Mavis Beacon(isn't that how it always works?)

Shamefully, this freeware is much easier to use than Mavis Beacon, & I don't miss the nags since it is FREEWARE.

In addition, seems to have a much simpler interface..... Is it me, or do freeware authors have the right idea, that keeping things simple makes it works better?
Somehow, all these digital lockdowns that many companies try to add get confusing, annoying, & so intolerable that once you find a freeware like this, you ditch their annoyware once and for all!!!

Junk Buster

Looks like an interesting program . I can't wait to try it out!


i Learn type Very, Very, well with soft ware from site.


I have been a typical two finger plunker for more than forty years! I am so looking forward to diving into (no pun intended) these lessons and finally learning how to uze awl ten fingers!

Stephen Anderson

Its is very nice and very speed up is nice to typing

Vilvam - Kanji - Tiruvannamalai

Excellent way to learn fast and easy!

from Latin America

very good sound and performence


Like it! Sharpens my weak areas!!!


Good keyboard killer! :) Enjoy!

Very nice! thanx a lot, it's a very useful program and it seems you're playing instead of studying

Gina Halliwell



Small, clean, and easy to set up and use.


The exercises are short and easy to run through between other tasks. I didn't think they were actually doing anything but my speed has improved in just a few days with very little time and effort used.


Thank you for this I haven't typed since high school and I'm 65 years old. This has already increased my skill in two days.


Thank you for this tool, it's very helpful, I can practice and learn to type faster, ...I'll really appreciate it in Spanish...


thank you for your nice program, very pleasant with fish tank


thanks you for this useful program but i hop if u add some another languages to like Arabic
....with all my respects


Thanks a lot for your software! It's fun!

flo from austria

Teaches the basics of typing.
Helps the student learn the placement of the keys on the keyboard through repetition.


It's quit usefull.
After using this software my typing speed is better

Murali Sankar

Thank you for your typing software.

Chris Adams

Easy to use. Pretty good.
Its a good program for those who want to learn how to type without looking at the keyboard.

Maurice Villatoro

I would like to learn to type faster, much faster.


it is good & quick for people like me housewife


its an easy way to learn typing thats all. thank u

sandeep kumar

I love this simple little program. It really helps you get fast at typing quickly. Though there are a few bugs, over all it's great.


it is very excellent for the beginners to learn typing. it is quite easy to understand too


it's good for amateur, thank's


This soft is very good. Thanks.


Very nice little program. My 7-year-old daughter and I use this to increase our typing speed. The fish in the background are interesting to watch, and they do speed up as you type faster.


I'll be study with the tools


Quite smart typing software for the newbie persons ...


this really helps you learn how to type


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RapidTyping Reviews

Rapid typing tutor is very best and helpful to me. It increases my speed in typing.
The online test is also helpful. It is very useful software.


very good software from beginners to advanced ones thanx for making it a freeware


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