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SOLO Typing Tutor


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Publishers description

SOLO Typing Tutor is an interesting program with a 3D on-screen keyboard which will help you remember the keyboard layout better. Virtual on-screen keyboards are available for standard, or ergonomic keyboards as well as laptops and can be selected depending on your needs. An amusing animated T-boy will assist you throughout the training. Wise quotations and famous sayings, feedback letters with comments and tips from those who have already finished the course guarantee fun during the learning process. The course is user-friendly and takes a personal approach to every student. An easy-on-eyes interface is an additional benefit.

The unique teaching method has been tested on thousands of grateful students whose typing speed increased to 100 wpm.

Main SOLO Typing Tutor advantages

  • Modern design and user-friendly interface
  • 3D on-screen keyboard to visualize the correct fingering
  • Loads of typing practice in problematic areas
  • An amusing animated T-boy will assist you throughout the training

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Tiểu thư
Typing master is a very easy.and very power full and I like this website.

BDinesha priyadarshani
Rapid typing software is amazing and colorful.not only it changes your speed but it also provides entertainment for you.
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Muhammad Siddique Chandio
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